Germany Part 1

So this is a long overdue post, but I thought I would give you a quick rundown of our trip to Germany – which was awesome by the way. Be warned – this post contains an above average amount of selfies. Sorry. And yes, I waved to Aubrey as we flew over Kansas.

Day one: arrived to winter wonderland – there was a weird freak snowstorm the day before which left everything perfectly blanketed in snow for our arrival.
Snowy Garmish Snow!
We stayed in the most adorable village called Garmish Partenkirchen

Here was our view! Hello Alps! So cute.


(obvi this pic was taken after the snow melted)

Day two: bright and early hopped in the car and headed to Schloss Neuwchwinstein. You know, the fairytale castle. Well, it was AMAZING! So beautiful.
Husband and I hiked for like 40 minutes just for this view
And to take a selfie
But once you go up…you have to go down. We got a little lost because we decided to go “off the beaten path.” Here I am just monkeying around
But for real – the forest was so dense and beautiful. I was obsessed.

We dined in Austria for lunch (doesn’t that sound fancy?) and then headed back to Garmisch to explore the village and of course, drink beer.

Day three: headed in to Munich to visit one of my Palaces
Doesn’t the sky look fake? The weather was absolutely perfect our whole trip. Brisk and sunny.
No trip to Munich is complete without hitting the Hofbrauhaus
We drank jumbo beers and had a blast.


Day four: drove FOREVER to Heidleburg. The Autobon was terrifying (sorry Dad if you are reading this you did a really good job driving).


(we became obsessed with the exit sign and would all say “AUSFAHRT” really loud when we saw one – we are weird)

Made it to Heidleburg in one piece – checked into our Hotel
did some shopping & posed under a sign for #1 reader
Saw a super cool castle
and took in the view

After our tour of the city, we headed up to the wine region to an adorable city called Rudsheim. It was so cute. Vineyards everywhere – very charming.


(sorry about the bad pic – we took it from the back seat of a moving car)

There we hopped a river boat and cruised up the Rhine – look how cute Husband looks. He loved boating.

It was FREEZING on the boat
and it rained on us, but we still had a blast.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for Germany part 2.



Watch Out Santa Barbara! Here We COME!

Prelude: this is part 1 of a multiple post recap on Katie’s recent bachelorette party in Santa Barbara, CA.

Oh man, nothing like a weekend of no sleep and lots of drinking to make you feel old! I am having a slow Monday, but it was sooooo worth it. I have so many wonderful pictures, stories and all around awesome times to share with you that it will take at least 6 posts. So, without further adeu, let’s get on to post #1!

 It starts!


A few of us were heading up early to “prep” the house. AKA, fill it up with everything phallic we could get our hands on, so we headed out around 12:30 on Friday.

It was a beautiful drive, and with ladies like these, how could it not be?

My co-pilot/FBB made it all the way there without getting car-sick! Yay Lynner!

Party in the back seat!

Mary and Elizabeth kept it classy in the backseat all the way there.

About half way to SB, we all had to use the restroom (it was a 2.5 hr drive), so we pulled off at a gas station which Lynn claimed was “the nicest gas station bathroom in the world.”

In the world? I HAVE to see this.

Well, she was right! This gas station bathroom had granite counter tops and came complete with a hanging fake plant!

(yes, I took the picture from the toilet)

 For those of you interested, it is the Chevron right off of Los Virgenes

Back on the road for us!

(Our first glimpse of Santa Barbara)

30 minutes later and we arrived to Chez Haskell!! (the rental house we found on VRBO)

It was so cute

(don’t mind the trash bags – those were on the way out to the cans)

Check out this yard!

It was home to the cutest little bunny that wanted to hang out all weekend.

The house had 4 bedrooms

I didn’t get a shot of the master bedroom (bride’s quarters with Emily and Megan J.) that was PG enough to post on this family friendly blog, but if you kept walking down the hall, that is where you would end up. This hat shot was taken in there

Yes, I puffy painted these hats by hand and demanded the girls wear them all weekend.

Lynn and I bunked up in this room. I slept on the trundle, just like elementary school 🙂

Mary and Elizabeth cozied up in this double bed with views of the awesome pool!

I didn’t get a pic of the last bedroom, but it had bunk beds.

Anyways, when the bride finally arrived she was so excited! I mean, how could she not be? The place was packed to the brim with good eats, good drinks and a whole bunch of “adult decorations.”

So, let the weekend begin! We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging poolside.

Eating some of Elizabeth’s neighbors homemade hummus.

And getting all dressed up to hit the town…that post coming soon…


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