It’s (almost) Fall Y’all!

Wow – we really suck at posting…so much for the once a month, right Aubrey?


Well, I’m posting today to show you some of my new Fall decor. Of course I had to make a new fall banner.

I used a technique similar to my Christmas Banner – but with a few changes (aka new shape). Husband photographed all the steps so I could do a wonderful DIY tutorial, but then he promptly deleted all the photos before he sent them to me! Grrrrr. But oh well. Check out this beauty.

Happy Fall

The whole banner says “Happy Fall” complete with a fake fall leaf as the word separator. And, because overkill is my middle name, I felt the need to line my banner with this cute orange chevron leftover from my nuptials.

Chevron lining

(wow – these iphone photos are super terrible. Can you tell I still have the regular 4?)

And because no fall banner is complete without a matching burlap pillow, here is mine:

Matching Pillow

And duh, the other side is the orange chevron.

Matching Lining

Hope you like it!

Here are the steps (without pics) to make your own:

1. cut your burlap to the desired shape

2. Paint your letters with regular old craft paint

3. Allow paint to dry (very important…)

4. Sew lining on each burlap piece with straight stitch

5. Trim edges

6. Sew on a piece of jute using your zig zag stitch in a contrasting color

7. Enjoy!

Are you making any Fall crafts?



Burlap Banner Tutorial

With Thanksgiving officially over we can move on to the most important decorating holiday of the year! Christmas! That’s right, my house is already fully decorated, my tree has been purchased and put up and all my “holiday smelling” candles are burning away! You may remember my Halloween Banner, well, since I didn’t really do a full tutorial, I decided to do one for my Christmas Banner!



Backing fabric (I picked a cute red and white striped material I found in my fabric drawer)

Paint (just regular craft paint works fine)

Paint tools (I used a sponge and a brush)

Sewing machine


Step 1:

Decide what your banner is going to say. Mine says Ho*HO*HO. So I cut out 8 burlap triangles.

Since I am lazy, I didn’t measure my triangles. I just eyeballed…hence why they are all different sizes and don’t have straight lines.

Step 2:

Cut out your fabric backs

You can conserve fabric and cut out triangles, or you can just do rectangles like I did.

Step 3:

Trace or paint on your letters

(I traced with some stencils)

And then decorate with various dots or shapes

I decided to paint Christmas trees as word spacers

But I think they kind of just look like green blobs…

Step 4:

Let your paint dry and then get ready to sew! Place the wrong sides of your fabric together and run through your machine. I used a straight stitch, but you can use a decorative stitch if you prefer.

You should end up with (8 in my case) triangles like this

Step 5:

Then cut each triangle out and lay them in the order you want them to be on your banner.

Take your jute

(I used this one)

And place it against the back of your completed triangle. Change your machine to a zig zag stitch and run it through.

I just kept adding the triangles until my banner was complete.


Now, I have to warn you. If you want your banner to look perfect and straight, I would recommend measuring and pinning. But alas, I am always in too big of a rush to do that, so this is how I role.

Also, in a perfect world, I would have a beautiful mantle/fireplace to hang the banner from…AND, I would have thought about my stockings covering the banner…it may find a new home. Oh well. Happy sewing!


Margarita Cake

Because no one wants to come to work to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on a Saturday, my office decided to celebrate Cuatro de Mayo on Friday. In true office party fashion, everyone brought in a little something. Originally we were going to have a dip off. Everyone making a different dip and the best one wins, but because I am now 100% dedicated to my fitness, I didn’t want to make a dip only to have it sit in my car while I squeeze in a before work workout. I was at a loss on what to bring, so I consulted my wonderful friend, Elizabeth, and she pointed me in the direction of the Margarita cake. She remembered a post from last year on one of her favorite blogs, Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.


Eureka! Margarita cake it is! I stopped at the store on my way home and got all the necessary ingredients. But of course, once I got home and started baking, I realized I had forgotten some basic essentials. Oh well, time to modify the recipe.

Step 1:

Combine your crushed pretzels with sugar and melted butter. The recipe called for all white sugar, but I ran out so I hid some brown sugar underneath the white

Step 2:

Press your pretzel mixture/dough in a greased 13×9. Under normal circumstances I would NOT have used the disposable baking dish, but because this is a work party I didn’t want to have to worry about bringing home my nice baking dish, washing it, etc.

Step 3:

Combine white cake mix, applesauce, margarita mix, grated lime peel (make sure you wash your limes before you peel them. Who knows who’s dirty hands have touched them before purchase) and 3 egg whites (I only had 2 eggs left, so I just used 2 whole eggs instead of 3 egg whites).

Don’t the grated limes look cute?

Step 4:

Mix it up! (Don’t judge me for the dirty-looking mixer, I accidentally dropped it in the cake mix before I got it all mixed up. Shhh, don’t tell the people eating my cake).


Step 5:

I didn’t want to waste my peeled limes, so I squeezed 1 over my crust before I poured the cake batter on it.


Step 6:

Pour the cake batter on the pretzel crust and stick it in the oven! 350 for 35 mins.


Step 7:

Wait patiently for it to be done and you should have something like this!


(I squeezed my second peeled lime over the hot cake…mmmmmm)

Step 8:

Wait again…for the cake to cool, then frost with the cool whip! I added sliced limes 🙂

See what it looks like! Elizabeth wanted me to add little straws (great idea) but alas, I forgot straws too….

Wish I had some more right now

Aubrey likes it!

TBIK 5.4.12

TBIK! Today is a special TBIK because we are celebrating Cuatro de Mayo at work!

Since no one will be in the office tomorrow to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we are having a fiesta!!! Both Aubrey and I made a yummy dish. Recipe/tutorial coming soon!


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