TBIK 9.27 – Happy Early Birthday Aubrey!

TBIK!!!! Here is a selfie of me and Buddha today – we are wishing Aubrey a HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!

 TBIK 9.27

And here is Aubrey! Looks like her office decorated her workspace for her birthday.

Aubs 9.27

And also looks like she started the celebrating early.

Aubs TBIK 9.27

Go Aubs!

Happy early birthday! I hope your day is filled with happiness and that all of your wildest dreams come true. Miss you!



TBIK 8.2.13

TBIK!!!! So ready for the weekend. That said, please enjoy this vintage shot of me and Aubrey rocking some hot pink lipstick.

throw back

Have you ever seen anything so sexy? I think not! Have a good Friday everyone!


TBIK 7.26.13

TBIK!!! Can you believe it’s almost August!!?? Blowing my mind – time is going by so fast.

Today while I am at work – admiring my tribal print jeans

 Megan TBIK 72613

Aubrey is living it up in Chicago for a bachelorette drinking a mimosa – jealous!

Aubrey TBIK 72613

Wish I was there with you Aubs!!!

Have a happy Friday everyone!


TBIK 7.12.13

TBIK everyone!!!

Yay!! It feels so good to say TBIK!! I am so happy Aubrey and I are blogging again. Aubrey sent me her TBIK photo with a chick instead of a Buddha (because she couldn’t find a Buddha)
TBIK 7.12.13 Aubrey

So, I thought I would do the same. Here I am with my chick!

TBIK 7.12.13 Megan

(don’t mind my wet hair. It’s still early over here!)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

TBIK 12.28.12

TBIK Everyone!

This is our last TBIK for 2012! Can you believe it? Lots of wonderful changes happened this year. And I’m sure 2013 will bring many more (including my newly painted kitchen – before and after pics to come soon!)
TBIK 12.28.12
This is how I wish 2012 was ending. With me and Aubrey chillin’ in our Santa hats…but that is an obvious fake.

She is in Kansas, tearing it up with the one and only Paige!

(such cute sisters!)

Happy Friday!!!!

TBIK 12.21.12


Well, looks like we survived the Mayan Apocalypse!
Yippee! Buddha helped me through the hard times.
I’m glad I didn’t end up like this…
End of the World
I am also glad I didn’t end up like Aubrey…

I love your “uniqueness” Aubrey!

We hope you have a fantastic Friday and an even better Christmas!!

TBIK 12.14.12

TBIK Everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO glad it is Friday.
Here I am with “Mama Maseca” and Buddha.
And here is Aubrey today in her new office!!!
Notice the view of the city! (nice smile Aubs)

Have a good one!

TBIK 12.07.12

Were you as excited to hear from Aubrey as I was?? She is making her new place so cute! I can’t wait to see it in real life! I plan to travel to Kansas someday J

Anyways – here I am!

Megan_TBIK 12.07.12

Enjoying my TBIK from the comfort of my office. Like our tree? (look familiar Aubs?)

Here is Aubrey!

Aubrey_TBIK 12.07.12

Are you in a bathroom??


Guess that is what we get considering she is stuck at work in new hire training all day.

Happy Friday everyone!


TBIK 11.9.12


I seriously can’t believe it is already the second week of November! Turkey Day is right around the corner!

While I am spending my Friday working and hanging out with my Buddha,

Aubrey is spending the day working out and picking out fabric for her new apartment!

Hummm…what to get?

Umm..Aubrey, I love that you are working out in your Bridal Entourage shirt (ya, that was from my bachelorette party)! Way to keep it real girlfriend! Miss you!


TBIK 11.2.12

TBIK Everyone! Boy am I glad it’s Friday. LONG WEEK!

Well, here I am with my Buddha.

Buddha is happily sitting on my knee.

Aubrey has an interview today (wish her luck)

Doesn’t she look smart! I know you’re gonna nail it Aubrey!

She has no Buddha in her TBIK picture, but she does have some leftover Halloween candy!!

mmm….give me that butterfinger!

Happy Friday Everyone!


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