How to Eat at the Fair

This past weekend husband and I celebrated our first anniversary!
I can’t believe how fast this year went. Blows my mind.

What also blows my mind is how easy it is to gain weight when you don’t have a wedding to look hot and sexy for! And when things like the fair come to your city and you just happen to buy superpasses so you can go as many times as you want!!!
super pass

So, here are a few ideas on how to enjoy fair food without enjoying a fair body.

(via google search for fair body)

While you will undoubtedly want to eat all the deep fried deliciousness that a fair entails, there are other yummy (and healthier) alternatives to traditional fair faire.
Ummm, a sloppy joe made with krispy kreme buns!?? Heart attack waiting to happen.

Don’t get me wrong – I definitely indulge in my share of fried fair food, but since I am a superpass holder, I need to limit my consumption. Do I need to remind you of fair body?

Back to the anniversary weekend…husband and I celebrated in true fashion, at the fair – and I decided to eat healthy fair food.


(caveat: this photo is from 2012 fair)

I started my first course with a beef kabob
It was delicious! So good. I would for sure get it again. I didn’t eat the pita bread that came with it, wanted to save the cals. Plus – who likes pita with no tzatziki?? Not this girl.

What sounded good next…


YES! Nothing tastes better than sweet corn on the cob. Save the cals and skip the butter and parm. The corn is tasty enough on its own.

Time for dessert, and in my opinion, the hardest part of the fair to say no to. Of course my mouth was watering for the works funnel cake. The works come with powdered sugar, Bavarian cream, strawberries, chocolate chips and whipped cream. So delicious!!! (sorry – don’t have a pic)

My second choice would have been cotton candy. I love it – anyway I can get it.
Cotton Candy

But – keeping with the healthy fair food kick I stuck with the shave ice. Still good but not deep fried.

shave ice

I will for sure be back to the fair for at least one more visit. No saying what I will order, but at least I know there are semi-healthy options waiting for me! My FBB would be proud. Have you been to the fair this summer? What did you eat?




Thank Buddah it’s Kinyobi! Also known as Happy Friday everyone! Yes, this is an early morning photo – hence the dark circles under my eyes…on a lighter note (or darker), if you noticed my amazing tropical tan you might be asking yourself “did Megan just come back from St. Thomas (or some other tropical paradise)?” Well, the answer is NO! I just got my very first airbrush tan at this wonderful place called the Wax Parlor. Christianna (the owner) did it and she was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable because, yes, I was naked.

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