TBIK 7.26.13

TBIK!!! Can you believe it’s almost August!!?? Blowing my mind – time is going by so fast.

Today while I am at work – admiring my tribal print jeans

 Megan TBIK 72613

Aubrey is living it up in Chicago for a bachelorette drinking a mimosa – jealous!

Aubrey TBIK 72613

Wish I was there with you Aubs!!!

Have a happy Friday everyone!



TBIK 10.12.12

TBIK Everyone!

 Yes, I still miss Aubrey. And, judging by her TBIK photo today, she misses me 🙂

Hopefully she will find time to update us on her life in Kansas…at least she is washing her hair!

And making new friends.

As for me, I spend my time at work alone…at least today I’m wearing the cutest shoes in the world.

Seriously. How great are these shoes!

PS: I’m heading to Boston next week to visit my favorite ginger in the world!!

Happy Friday Everyone!


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