It’s (almost) Fall Y’all!

Wow – we really suck at posting…so much for the once a month, right Aubrey?


Well, I’m posting today to show you some of my new Fall decor. Of course I had to make a new fall banner.

I used a technique similar to my Christmas Banner – but with a few changes (aka new shape). Husband photographed all the steps so I could do a wonderful DIY tutorial, but then he promptly deleted all the photos before he sent them to me! Grrrrr. But oh well. Check out this beauty.

Happy Fall

The whole banner says “Happy Fall” complete with a fake fall leaf as the word separator. And, because overkill is my middle name, I felt the need to line my banner with this cute orange chevron leftover from my nuptials.

Chevron lining

(wow – these iphone photos are super terrible. Can you tell I still have the regular 4?)

And because no fall banner is complete without a matching burlap pillow, here is mine:

Matching Pillow

And duh, the other side is the orange chevron.

Matching Lining

Hope you like it!

Here are the steps (without pics) to make your own:

1. cut your burlap to the desired shape

2. Paint your letters with regular old craft paint

3. Allow paint to dry (very important…)

4. Sew lining on each burlap piece with straight stitch

5. Trim edges

6. Sew on a piece of jute using your zig zag stitch in a contrasting color

7. Enjoy!

Are you making any Fall crafts?



Apple Picking!

So a couple weeks ago, my girlfriends and I went apple picking!!!

Since I didn’t really pick in Boston, I was super eager to do the real deal here in Oak Glen, CA.

We arrived bright and early (to avoid the crowds) and decided to pick at Willowbrook Farm.

It was sooooo cute! Really small and homey.

There were chickens, a giant rabbit and my favorite thing in the whole world, a mini pony! Comet made me so happy!!!

 We I played with the mini pony, used an old fashioned pump

(Pay no attention to my Amish looking hair. It is a drying technique that gives great waves later on)

and used these long poles to pick the apples way at the top!

I ended up filling my bag in no time flat.

After we picked and paid, we headed to another orchard for some killer BBQ

(I know Aubrey, no place has better BBQ than Kansas…I’ll have to be the judge of that someday).

(check out the size of that Q!)

Of course, I had the ribs

After lunch we walked around the city of Oak Glen and most of us picked up a fresh apple pie.

I stupidly didn’t and had extreme pie envy.

It was an all-around great day and we will for sure be going back next year!


Weekend in Boston

So, I missed TBIK on Friday because I was in Boston visiting my good friend Dana.

(Don’t worry, when I flew over Kansas, I waved to Aubrey)

Dana has been a part of TBIK since I have and enjoys posing with her Buddha every Friday.

Now, on to details of my trip (warning – picture heavy post):

I took the red-eye out Thursday night. My flight left at 9pm and I arrived in Boston at 5:30am. I had hoped to get some sleep, but the loud, Boston accented man siting directly behind me didn’t get the memo that when the lights on a plane are out you are supposed to be quiet. Not talk as loud as you can about how you spent the last 6 months working on an oil rigger. GRRRR. So, when I stumbled off the plane and saw that my friend was waiting in baggage claim with a giant coffee just for me, I couldn’t be happier.

 We grabbed my bags, hopped in a cab and headed to her apartment. Since it was raining (YES!) I threw on my Hunters and off we went!

Me in black, Dana in leopard

(Fun fact, I have had these boots for 2 years now. This is the first time they have seen some serious rain)

We walked to Flour Bakery for breakfast where I had Dana take a pic of me and husband (who was really at home).

Dana told me to order the sticky bun, but I didn’t, and when I saw hers I had serious food envy. It was soooo good.

Next stop, Sam Adams Brewery! Because who doesn’t enjoy a beer tasting at 11 am?

My favorite brew was the Cherry Wheat.

Then we walked around, jumped in puddles and just enjoyed how beautiful Boston is in the Fall.

Visited an amazing bookstore that sells super cool and old books

After walking EVERYWHERE we headed to Dana’s Dad’s hotel to have some wine and cheese before dinner (her Dad, Step-mom and Step-sister were visiting for the whole week).

Their hotel was so beautiful. Directly in the middle of downtown, it looks like a clock tower from outside and has the most amazing ceiling.

They also have an observation deck you can go out on and see the whole city from (we went out, but it was too rainy to see anything).

 After enjoying some free wine and cheese we headed to the North End to Al Dente.

(This is Dana and one of her late friends)

Dana is pretty much a VIP there. The door man knew her and seated us without our entire party being present (this is a big deal, especially on a Friday night). Dana’s 2 friends were 45 mins late (RUDE!) but they were nice, so I forgave them. We dined on 3 different dishes all with homemade pasta.

So delicious.

After dinner we headed over to Modern Pastry where I got a Cannoli and a Lobster Tail.

I know this is a terrible picture, but this is me enjoying my lobster tail.

We had to haul buns over to the warf to make our 9:30 Ghosts and Gravestones Tour, but then I saw the Paul Revere statue. I made the girls take my picture and then recited the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere aloud to anyone who would listen.

The Ghosts and Graveyards was fun and informative, but after not sleeping for 2 days I was waaaayyy tired. Anyways, this was our tour guide

He was over theatrical but funny anyways.


Day two in Boston started out bright and sunny! We hopped in the car and drove out of the city.

I wish our roads looked like this

and this

We were headed to Honey-Pot Hills Orchard where we went apple picking.

Ok, we didn’t really pick the apples (we were too lazy). I just posed for this. We went into the little room and bought one of the pre-picked bags, ate some homemade donuts and drank homemade apple cider.

But I did feed the goats

Looked at the 3 little pigs

And sat on an old tractor

 Honey-Pot was so beautiful

They even had a giant hedge maze

But, alas, we were too lazy for that too. Back to the city for us!

We spent the rest of Saturday walking the freedom trail!

Checking out the sites

And enjoying fall

We found this little gem “napping” in the park

And they say Redbull gives you wings…

Dinner on Saturday night was sponsored by Dana’s Dad (thanks Ken!). We dined at Beehive which is modeled after a speak easy! It is underground and there was a live jazz band playing. LOVED it!

After dinner we said goodbye to Dana’s family and met up with the girls for drinks at the Top of the Hub. A restaurant on the top of the Prudential building.

Here I am with husband, 52 floors up!

Then, we decided to pretend we were 21 again and “went out.”

Big mistake. Didn’t I remember what happened last time I went out?

This was me Sunday morning. Yes, I was in bed until I had to leave for my flight at 2:30 pm. I only got up to run to the bathroom and vomit. Multiple times.

So, that was my trip in a nutshell! Thanks for the fun Dana!

I waved to Aubrey again on my flight home. Miss you Aubs!


Halloween “BOO” Pillows

I got the crafting bug, and I got it bad.

Ever since I made my Halloween Banner, I have been dying to do some more Halloween projects. Luckily, my #1 reader, Elizabeth has the crafting bug too.

She was in the mood to make a fall wreath. Since I just made my fall wreath last year and still love it, I decided to use the same technique I used for the Halloween Banner  and bust out some Boo pillows. I searched in my bottomless fabric pit and pulled out some fabric for the pillows. Hey, since I was making one for myself, I thought I would make one for Elizabeth too. While I was in painting and sewing land, Elizabeth was sprawled out on my dirty carpet in burlap land. Her wreath required TONS of little burlap strips, all tied around her wreath form.

I forgot to take action pictures of my pillow making, but here is a picture of me riding a piñata, just for fun.

Here is my boo pillow!

And here is Elizabeth’s

The front is white with a hand-painted “BOO” on leftover burlap. I frayed the edges. The back is done envelope style (for easy off and on access) in a tan color, also from the fabric pit.

And here is Elizabeth’s fall wreath! How cute! The orange chevron fabric was actually from my wedding! So glad it got to be re-used.

 Happy Monday Everyone!

The crafting bug is still here, so who knows what we’ll be crafting next, Elizabeth already sent me a pic of some Christmas fabric she happened to come across this weekend…stay tuned 🙂


TBIK 10.05.12


 It has been exactly 1 week since I’ve last seen Aubrey (insert tear here). California isn’t the same without her!

She survived the drive all the way to Kansas with her sister, hopefully she will have some time to tell us about the trip!

Aubrey made it back to Kansas just in time for Fall; I’m jealous that she gets to look at this every day

But then again, this is what I get to look at every day

Take your pick!


DIY Halloween Banner

Happy first day of October!! It’s hard to be happy without Aubrey, but at least it is now October, and I can officially decorate my house for Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, the harvest décor has been up since September 22 (first day of fall), but I refuse to Halloween decorate until October 1. That said, check out my DIY Halloween banner!

I painted on some letters and dots using regular old craft paint on scrap burlap. Lined it with some other fabric I had laying around and sewed it on some twine!

Now if I only had a better looking mantel…..oh well.

Happy October everyone!


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