It’s (almost) Fall Y’all!

Wow – we really suck at posting…so much for the once a month, right Aubrey?


Well, I’m posting today to show you some of my new Fall decor. Of course I had to make a new fall banner.

I used a technique similar to my Christmas Banner – but with a few changes (aka new shape). Husband photographed all the steps so I could do a wonderful DIY tutorial, but then he promptly deleted all the photos before he sent them to me! Grrrrr. But oh well. Check out this beauty.

Happy Fall

The whole banner says “Happy Fall” complete with a fake fall leaf as the word separator. And, because overkill is my middle name, I felt the need to line my banner with this cute orange chevron leftover from my nuptials.

Chevron lining

(wow – these iphone photos are super terrible. Can you tell I still have the regular 4?)

And because no fall banner is complete without a matching burlap pillow, here is mine:

Matching Pillow

And duh, the other side is the orange chevron.

Matching Lining

Hope you like it!

Here are the steps (without pics) to make your own:

1. cut your burlap to the desired shape

2. Paint your letters with regular old craft paint

3. Allow paint to dry (very important…)

4. Sew lining on each burlap piece with straight stitch

5. Trim edges

6. Sew on a piece of jute using your zig zag stitch in a contrasting color

7. Enjoy!

Are you making any Fall crafts?



Catch Up With Megan

Catch up with Megan…

Ok, so I admit it. Having a blog with your friend isn’t nearly as fun as having your friend with you. I miss Aubrey! So much that I stopped blogging. But – Aubrey and I decided today to start blogging again! Yay!!!

So for this post I will be running through a catch up of the past few months. Ready. Set. Go!

Went to Seattle to meet my cousin’s new sweet baby Alora (Allie for short)

Went snowboarding

Learned how to shoot a gun

Got a new God-child named Astro
(as you can see I only feed him the best – he LOVES watermelon)

Got a new T.V.
New TV
(Astro is modeling so you can get an idea of the size. And please don’t mind the mantle, that is a project that will hopefully come soon)

Lost my favorite person in the world – my dear, sweet gramps, Ozzy.

My clothes dryer caught on fire and we had to call the Newport Beach Fire Department to put it out.
(sorry for the terrible picture – I was slightly panicked, but had to document)

Had the best cotton candy of my life
Cotton Candy
3 feet of pure heaven

My #1 reader got ENGAGED!!!

Another friend got a puppy! Little Wally the labradoodle

I survived extreme heat in Palm Springs with Husband
Extreme Heat

I re-finished a campaign dresser! It looks amazing. But, since I wasn’t blogging, I didn’t take step-by-step pictures (or any pictures at all).  You will just have to take my word for it, but it looks exactly like this now:

campaign dresser

(please note, this is not my picture. But you can buy this campaign dresser  here)

Well, that about sums it up. Aubrey, your turn! I know you have much more exciting things to talk about then I do. Can’t wait to find out! Miss you!!!!


Custom Pinata? Yes please!

Hellooo! Long time no blog – well, let’s get down to business! Do you wish you knew how to make this awesome custom piñata?
Custom Pinata
I’m gonna tell you!!

What you will need:
Yard stick
Exactor knife
Tissue paper
LOTS of glue sticks

Step 1:
Pick your letter. We picked “E” because we were making this for Elizabeth’s birthday party.

Step 2:
Draw your letter on your cardboard and start cutting. We free-handed, but measured to make sure our E was proportional.
cut cardboard

Step 3:
Trace your letter on more cardboard and cut out its twin
2 E's

Step 4:
Here comes the tedious part. Start cutting out little bits to make the sides. Our sides were 2” wide
cut little pieces

Step 5:
Tape, tape and more tape
Tape it up

Step 6:
Once you are done taping, you should have your letter!
we have an e

Step 7:
Cutting the fringe: keeping your tissue paper in the bundle it came in, cut 2 inch strips.
Tissue paper cuts
And then fringe them.

Step 8:
Cover the bottom of your piñata with tissue paper (we didn’t think of this and had to do it last, but it would have been much easier doing it first)

Step 9:
Start layering your fringe! Starting at the bottom of the piñata, glue 1 strip of fringed tissue paper at a time, working your way up.
And keep layering…
And layering…
Until you are almost to the top.

Step 10:
Make a loop so you can hang your piñata

make a loop

Step 11:
Finish up your tissue and give it a look over, trimming any rogue fringe.

Step 12:
Hang and enjoy!
El Fin

We chose not to fill our piñata with candy because we didn’t want all our hard work destroyed, but you could easily cut a whole on the top when you are making the loop and fill it up.

Enjoy making your own custom piñatas! Thanks for modeling Elizabeth!


First Snow of the Season!


It snowed in KC! It’s Christmas! It is so beautiful. Although it’s cold and driving conditions aren’t ideal, I wouldn’t have it any other way. So here it the view from my apartment this morning. I was like oh awesome. And then I got to  my car and spent the next 20 minutes shoveling snow off my car… which I haven’t done the past 3 years in Cali so yeah that was as fun as I remember it to be. 😉

In other news, my brother is getting married in 3 weeks and I can’t believe it is already here! Paige and I are hosting a bridal brunch the day before and we made these cute invites! Found the paper for $12 at Paper Source, printed at Kinko’s for $5 and mailed through my work for free. A heck of a deal I’d say.


Merry Christmas everyone. I hope it’s filled with friends, family, presents, alcohol and dogs!!!!


DIY – Spiked Cocoa Gift

For the past couple of years I have been making gifts for my friends and co-workers in mason jars. Well, this year was no different!

Spiked Cocoa!
I layered hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in a mason jar and then tied some booze to the side. This one has peppermint schnapps, but I mixed it up and did some with Baileys.
My little gift came complete with instructions.
See what you would be getting today if you still lived in CA Aubrey? Miss you!

Burlap Banner Tutorial

With Thanksgiving officially over we can move on to the most important decorating holiday of the year! Christmas! That’s right, my house is already fully decorated, my tree has been purchased and put up and all my “holiday smelling” candles are burning away! You may remember my Halloween Banner, well, since I didn’t really do a full tutorial, I decided to do one for my Christmas Banner!



Backing fabric (I picked a cute red and white striped material I found in my fabric drawer)

Paint (just regular craft paint works fine)

Paint tools (I used a sponge and a brush)

Sewing machine


Step 1:

Decide what your banner is going to say. Mine says Ho*HO*HO. So I cut out 8 burlap triangles.

Since I am lazy, I didn’t measure my triangles. I just eyeballed…hence why they are all different sizes and don’t have straight lines.

Step 2:

Cut out your fabric backs

You can conserve fabric and cut out triangles, or you can just do rectangles like I did.

Step 3:

Trace or paint on your letters

(I traced with some stencils)

And then decorate with various dots or shapes

I decided to paint Christmas trees as word spacers

But I think they kind of just look like green blobs…

Step 4:

Let your paint dry and then get ready to sew! Place the wrong sides of your fabric together and run through your machine. I used a straight stitch, but you can use a decorative stitch if you prefer.

You should end up with (8 in my case) triangles like this

Step 5:

Then cut each triangle out and lay them in the order you want them to be on your banner.

Take your jute

(I used this one)

And place it against the back of your completed triangle. Change your machine to a zig zag stitch and run it through.

I just kept adding the triangles until my banner was complete.


Now, I have to warn you. If you want your banner to look perfect and straight, I would recommend measuring and pinning. But alas, I am always in too big of a rush to do that, so this is how I role.

Also, in a perfect world, I would have a beautiful mantle/fireplace to hang the banner from…AND, I would have thought about my stockings covering the banner…it may find a new home. Oh well. Happy sewing!


Turkey Pillow Tutorial

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? Well, in the spirit of one of the greatest Holiday’s of the year, here is a Tutorial for an adorable bit of Thanksgiving decoration.

I am going to turn it over to one of my very best friends, Katie, to walk you through the Turkey Pillow making process.

(aren’t we cute! That is me and Katie last year in Chicago – remember her Santa Barbara bachelorette party?)

Without further adieu, here’s Katie!

“My mom had taken some photos of a pillow with a felt owl on it, and we both thought it was adorable. However, we wanted to do something fall-related, so we thought, why not a turkey!

We looked around the internet for some inspiration. There were some cute felt turkeys, so we used elements of the ones we liked. We liked the multi-colored tail but made it much, much bigger. We also liked the look of the blanket stitching around the edges, so we did that too.

(all images via google search)

                      We went to Joanne’s and bought some colorful felt. We already had everything else we needed: embroidery floss, small black beads for eyes, sharp scissors, and burlap for the pillowcase.

We drew a pattern for our turkey and cut it out, pinned it to the felt, and assembled all our pieces. We decided to hand-sew the turkey, so it took quite a bit of time.

 For the turkey body, we cut out two pieces, sewed on the faces, stitched most of them together, then stuffed them a little bit and finished the stitching. Then it was just a matter of sewing each layer of the tail onto the body. We used a blanket stitch in the color of the following layer on the edges.

  Then we cut our burlap (yay, another use for it!), and made our pillowcases. I decided to hand-sew my turkey on after I made the pillowcase so he wouldn’t get hurt. And voila! Turkey pillow!”

Isn’t that just the cutest! I can’t wait to make one. Thanks Katie! Happy Turkey Making everyone!


Halloween “BOO” Pillows

I got the crafting bug, and I got it bad.

Ever since I made my Halloween Banner, I have been dying to do some more Halloween projects. Luckily, my #1 reader, Elizabeth has the crafting bug too.

She was in the mood to make a fall wreath. Since I just made my fall wreath last year and still love it, I decided to use the same technique I used for the Halloween Banner  and bust out some Boo pillows. I searched in my bottomless fabric pit and pulled out some fabric for the pillows. Hey, since I was making one for myself, I thought I would make one for Elizabeth too. While I was in painting and sewing land, Elizabeth was sprawled out on my dirty carpet in burlap land. Her wreath required TONS of little burlap strips, all tied around her wreath form.

I forgot to take action pictures of my pillow making, but here is a picture of me riding a piñata, just for fun.

Here is my boo pillow!

And here is Elizabeth’s

The front is white with a hand-painted “BOO” on leftover burlap. I frayed the edges. The back is done envelope style (for easy off and on access) in a tan color, also from the fabric pit.

And here is Elizabeth’s fall wreath! How cute! The orange chevron fabric was actually from my wedding! So glad it got to be re-used.

 Happy Monday Everyone!

The crafting bug is still here, so who knows what we’ll be crafting next, Elizabeth already sent me a pic of some Christmas fabric she happened to come across this weekend…stay tuned 🙂


DIY Halloween Banner

Happy first day of October!! It’s hard to be happy without Aubrey, but at least it is now October, and I can officially decorate my house for Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, the harvest décor has been up since September 22 (first day of fall), but I refuse to Halloween decorate until October 1. That said, check out my DIY Halloween banner!

I painted on some letters and dots using regular old craft paint on scrap burlap. Lined it with some other fabric I had laying around and sewed it on some twine!

Now if I only had a better looking mantel…..oh well.

Happy October everyone!


DIY Striped Curtains

My living room has been sort of an “un-designed” space. We are slowly accumulating furniture you actually want to sit on, but still have lots of hand-me-down pieces. So, in the spirit of changing my “un-designed” room to a “designed” room, I wanted to start with some curtains.

 I have been eying these bold striped curtains all over pinterest, and of course, like my Horse Art, can’t afford to buy them.


So…Duh da duh! (trumpets trumping) I made them!

 I started with plain white $24.99 curtains from Ikea.

Laid them down on my dirty carpet and ironed out most of the wrinkles.

Then I measured out my stripes. I wanted big thick stripes, so I made them 13” wide. I used plain blue painters tape and pressed down super hard to seal the edges (or so I thought…)

I laid trash bags down on my dirty carpet under the curtains in case the paint bled through. Then I started painting. I just picked up some generic black paint from Michaels. I really had NO clue what kind to use but it looks like this:

(I found the paint in the craft paint section. Very bottom…it had an apple on it and it took 2 large jars of it to cover the 2 panels)

And started rolling. I used a cheap foam (tiny) roller also from Michaels. The painting was taking FOREVER, so I just started dumping paint on there and rolling it out. That sure sped things up. I did one really thick coat and then pulled up the tape while it was still wet.

Looks pretty good! I touched up some thinner spots and cringed at some of my mistakes.


Whoops again

You can’t really see the mistakes when they are hanging up.

Now I just need to hem them!


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