TBIK 9.27 – Happy Early Birthday Aubrey!

TBIK!!!! Here is a selfie of me and Buddha today – we are wishing Aubrey a HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!

 TBIK 9.27

And here is Aubrey! Looks like her office decorated her workspace for her birthday.

Aubs 9.27

And also looks like she started the celebrating early.

Aubs TBIK 9.27

Go Aubs!

Happy early birthday! I hope your day is filled with happiness and that all of your wildest dreams come true. Miss you!



Custom Pinata? Yes please!

Hellooo! Long time no blog – well, let’s get down to business! Do you wish you knew how to make this awesome custom piñata?
Custom Pinata
I’m gonna tell you!!

What you will need:
Yard stick
Exactor knife
Tissue paper
LOTS of glue sticks

Step 1:
Pick your letter. We picked “E” because we were making this for Elizabeth’s birthday party.

Step 2:
Draw your letter on your cardboard and start cutting. We free-handed, but measured to make sure our E was proportional.
cut cardboard

Step 3:
Trace your letter on more cardboard and cut out its twin
2 E's

Step 4:
Here comes the tedious part. Start cutting out little bits to make the sides. Our sides were 2” wide
cut little pieces

Step 5:
Tape, tape and more tape
Tape it up

Step 6:
Once you are done taping, you should have your letter!
we have an e

Step 7:
Cutting the fringe: keeping your tissue paper in the bundle it came in, cut 2 inch strips.
Tissue paper cuts
And then fringe them.

Step 8:
Cover the bottom of your piñata with tissue paper (we didn’t think of this and had to do it last, but it would have been much easier doing it first)

Step 9:
Start layering your fringe! Starting at the bottom of the piñata, glue 1 strip of fringed tissue paper at a time, working your way up.
And keep layering…
And layering…
Until you are almost to the top.

Step 10:
Make a loop so you can hang your piñata

make a loop

Step 11:
Finish up your tissue and give it a look over, trimming any rogue fringe.

Step 12:
Hang and enjoy!
El Fin

We chose not to fill our piñata with candy because we didn’t want all our hard work destroyed, but you could easily cut a whole on the top when you are making the loop and fill it up.

Enjoy making your own custom piñatas! Thanks for modeling Elizabeth!


Birthday Weekend in San Francisco!

So, I am back from my birthday weekend in San Francisco, and it was AWESOME!!

Here is what we did (warning – picture heavy post – photo credit: husband) San Fran day 1

We arrived in San Fran at 8:15 am on Friday morning. Hopped on BART and headed to the most amazing apartment ever.


My parents’ friends aka super nice people, let us stay here! Look at this view! Market and Pine. Right in the middle of the Financial district. Yes, that is the Ferry Building you see right down the street and the Bay Bridge!!


Seriously. This was our view. And yes, I spied on all the nearby buildings with those binoculars. Who wouldn’t?

Ok, after we dropped off our luggage we set off to China Town.


It was POURING. That didn’t stop us! We loved it! Plus, it gave me a reason to wear my rainboots 🙂

After wandering around for an hour or so we stopped to take a pic.


We happened to stop right in front of a restaurant, Great Eastern Restaurant, so we decided to have an early lunch.


It was early and the restaurant was packed! Neither of us really knew what the menu items were so we just started ordering, and ordering, and ordering. We WAY over ordered, but it was soooo good.

Then we set off and walked down to the wharves.


Checked out all the old boats


And then jumped on the cable car!

Cable Car

We got off at Union Square

Union Square

Checked out the tree and then walked back to the apartment to change for my birthday dinner!

We decided to dine at my parents’ favorite San Francisco restaurant, Tadich Grill.

Tadish Grill

It claims to be the oldest restaurant in California.

Oldest CA Restaurant

I ordered the Cioppino – something I have never ordered and was not disappointed!


The wait staff was really nice (we ate at the bar because that is just what you do there) and I had to wear a bib.


Then, my sweet husband said he had to go to the bathroom, but really asked the waiter to bring me a birthday dessert!


It was sooo yummy.

After dinner we walked back to the apartment and shared a bottle of wine with husbands uncle Chuck (he lives in the city). We drank wine and soaked in the killer view.

View by night

I could look at this all night long
View by night 2

 Perfect ending to the perfect birthday.

San Fran day 2

Next morning we woke up bright and early (yes it was still raining) and walked to the Ferry Building

Ferry Building

which is full of cute stands/shops for some coffee


and breakfast.

We dined at San Francisco Fish Company.

SF Fish CO

I had the breakfast burrito with Dungeness Crab!

Breakfast Burrito

It was so yummy!


After fueling up we started walking in the rain towards Fisherman’s Warf.

Husband(isn’t he cute!)

On the way there we stopped to look at some seals.


You think I was excited?


Then we walked by the Boudin Factory

Boudin(they pump out the bread smell – amazing)

and checked out the crab stands.


The crab man let me hold a live one! YIKES!

Then we headed over to Ghirardelli for a sundae!


Ice cream for lunch? Yes please!

The inside was adorable. Just like an old school ice cream shop.

Ice Cream

After pigging out on sundaes, we headed back over to pier 33 to head to Alcatraz!


The boat ride over was cold and rainy, but we cuddled up.

Boat Love

Getting closer!

Getting closer

The Rock

The Rock

It was getting dark (we took the night tour) when we arrived so it added to the spookiness 🙂

Cell Block

I went in to all the cells I could.

Prison(this is my prison face)

And even checked out the hospital wing.


I loved every second of it and wanted to explore the island, but it was dark and rainy so we just headed back to the apartment.

San Fran Day 3

On our last day in San Francisco it was (you guessed it) raining!

That didn’t stop us! We headed to brunch with Uncle Chuck and then walked to Fort Mason

Fort Mason

We walked up to the top of the park

Park lovers

where we got our glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate

See it wayyyyyy over there?

 Well, that about sums up our wonderful weekend in the city! Thank you husband for the best birthday ever!


TBIK, Happy Birthday and Goodbye


(Fact: Aubrey had the honor of meeting – totally randomly – the originator of TBIK, Mr. Bob Burger, this week! So wonderful to see him. He is seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met.)

Today is a very special TBIK. Not only is it Kinyobe, but it is also Aubrey’s Birthday!

While we are so happy to be celebrating her big day, it is a bittersweet happiness; because tomorrow, bright and early, Aubrey is driving back to Kansas. Forever.

Since today is her last day of work, and she obviously won’t be playing on our office softball team again, we retired her jersey.

I am sad.

Aubrey is sad.

We will miss each other, but I know we will remain friends forever. We will continue to blog from different states. I will write from California, and Aubrey from Kansas. We will remember each other always and remain friends forever.

(sweet California and Kansas necklaces by Kris Nation)

I love you Aubrey! I sure am going to miss you. I hope you  have the greatest birthday ever and I can’t wait to come visit you in Kansas!


TBIK 9.14.12 – UPDATE!!!!


OK –  so now on to the update/announcement.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce this. Aubrey is leaving me. She is moving back to Kansas and I am beyond devastated. Who will I sit next to at work? Who will I have lunch with every day? Who will I take stupid TBIK pictures with? That’s right. No one. Ok. Enough of my sob story. I just wanted to let you know the news…this is how I really feel on this TBIK:

This will be one of our last TBIK posts as a “work couple.” Aubrey and I are going to have as much fun as possible up until the day she leaves (which coincidentally is her birthday!!).

 We started our fun last night with a date to dinner and a movie. Aubrey enjoyed herself, I was feeling a little sad…

Aubrey – I am so sad to see you go, but I know you miss Kansas. I can’t wait to come visit!


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