Germany Part 1

So this is a long overdue post, but I thought I would give you a quick rundown of our trip to Germany – which was awesome by the way. Be warned – this post contains an above average amount of selfies. Sorry. And yes, I waved to Aubrey as we flew over Kansas.

Day one: arrived to winter wonderland – there was a weird freak snowstorm the day before which left everything perfectly blanketed in snow for our arrival.
Snowy Garmish Snow!
We stayed in the most adorable village called Garmish Partenkirchen

Here was our view! Hello Alps! So cute.


(obvi this pic was taken after the snow melted)

Day two: bright and early hopped in the car and headed to Schloss Neuwchwinstein. You know, the fairytale castle. Well, it was AMAZING! So beautiful.
Husband and I hiked for like 40 minutes just for this view
And to take a selfie
But once you go up…you have to go down. We got a little lost because we decided to go “off the beaten path.” Here I am just monkeying around
But for real – the forest was so dense and beautiful. I was obsessed.

We dined in Austria for lunch (doesn’t that sound fancy?) and then headed back to Garmisch to explore the village and of course, drink beer.

Day three: headed in to Munich to visit one of my Palaces
Doesn’t the sky look fake? The weather was absolutely perfect our whole trip. Brisk and sunny.
No trip to Munich is complete without hitting the Hofbrauhaus
We drank jumbo beers and had a blast.


Day four: drove FOREVER to Heidleburg. The Autobon was terrifying (sorry Dad if you are reading this you did a really good job driving).


(we became obsessed with the exit sign and would all say “AUSFAHRT” really loud when we saw one – we are weird)

Made it to Heidleburg in one piece – checked into our Hotel
did some shopping & posed under a sign for #1 reader
Saw a super cool castle
and took in the view

After our tour of the city, we headed up to the wine region to an adorable city called Rudsheim. It was so cute. Vineyards everywhere – very charming.


(sorry about the bad pic – we took it from the back seat of a moving car)

There we hopped a river boat and cruised up the Rhine – look how cute Husband looks. He loved boating.

It was FREEZING on the boat
and it rained on us, but we still had a blast.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for Germany part 2.



Trash Digger

So I did it. I am officially a trash digger. Well, technically I made husband do the digging, but I did bring someone else’s trash into our home.

Here’s how it went down: #1 reader and I were on an early morning walk when I spied this glorious chair sitting next to someone’s garbage cans in the alley. I had to have it. We walked the rest of the way back to my house and I immediately woke up husband and made him drive me to the chair – put it in the car – and carry it into the house.

So here it is:

Trash Digger 2

Look at those amazing lines!

Trash digger

I’m not allowed to bring it in the house, so it has to sit on the patio until I am able to take it apart and re-cover it. Wish me luck! I will have to postpone my re-upholstering because we are off to Germany tonight. Auf Wiedersehen!


TBIK 9.27 – Happy Early Birthday Aubrey!

TBIK!!!! Here is a selfie of me and Buddha today – we are wishing Aubrey a HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!

 TBIK 9.27

And here is Aubrey! Looks like her office decorated her workspace for her birthday.

Aubs 9.27

And also looks like she started the celebrating early.

Aubs TBIK 9.27

Go Aubs!

Happy early birthday! I hope your day is filled with happiness and that all of your wildest dreams come true. Miss you!


Digital Get Down

Ok – I know what you’re thinking. 2 posts in one week? Wow! Go Megan. But this one was just handed to me.

This morning, after #1 reader and I finished a vigorous 4.5 mile, 5 am walk, she brought me in her house to teach me how to feed her cat. Then, she brought me to her laptop and told me to be prepared to be amazed. Boy was she right.

She busted out a video from our senior year in high school! Her Dad complied a bunch of old VHS’s onto a DVD for her. History lesson: it was tradition at my high school for the varsity field hockey team to do a dance at a pep rally and shed at least one piece of clothing. Back to the goods…turns out it was just my luck…looks like my Mom was the filmer because 90% of the video is OF ME!!!!
Anyways – in the words of #1 reader – prepare to be amazed

 Does the mixed tape soundtrack date us? I mean – you can’t put together a dance without using the latest hits. Digital Get Down by N’Sync? Amazing. Obviously my friends and I choreographed the dance…we put ourselves front and center. Oh ya, don’t be distracted by my platform tennis shoes…I swear those were cool once. Right?


It’s (almost) Fall Y’all!

Wow – we really suck at posting…so much for the once a month, right Aubrey?


Well, I’m posting today to show you some of my new Fall decor. Of course I had to make a new fall banner.

I used a technique similar to my Christmas Banner – but with a few changes (aka new shape). Husband photographed all the steps so I could do a wonderful DIY tutorial, but then he promptly deleted all the photos before he sent them to me! Grrrrr. But oh well. Check out this beauty.

Happy Fall

The whole banner says “Happy Fall” complete with a fake fall leaf as the word separator. And, because overkill is my middle name, I felt the need to line my banner with this cute orange chevron leftover from my nuptials.

Chevron lining

(wow – these iphone photos are super terrible. Can you tell I still have the regular 4?)

And because no fall banner is complete without a matching burlap pillow, here is mine:

Matching Pillow

And duh, the other side is the orange chevron.

Matching Lining

Hope you like it!

Here are the steps (without pics) to make your own:

1. cut your burlap to the desired shape

2. Paint your letters with regular old craft paint

3. Allow paint to dry (very important…)

4. Sew lining on each burlap piece with straight stitch

5. Trim edges

6. Sew on a piece of jute using your zig zag stitch in a contrasting color

7. Enjoy!

Are you making any Fall crafts?


TBIK 8.2.13

TBIK!!!! So ready for the weekend. That said, please enjoy this vintage shot of me and Aubrey rocking some hot pink lipstick.

throw back

Have you ever seen anything so sexy? I think not! Have a good Friday everyone!


How to Eat at the Fair

This past weekend husband and I celebrated our first anniversary!
I can’t believe how fast this year went. Blows my mind.

What also blows my mind is how easy it is to gain weight when you don’t have a wedding to look hot and sexy for! And when things like the fair come to your city and you just happen to buy superpasses so you can go as many times as you want!!!
super pass

So, here are a few ideas on how to enjoy fair food without enjoying a fair body.

(via google search for fair body)

While you will undoubtedly want to eat all the deep fried deliciousness that a fair entails, there are other yummy (and healthier) alternatives to traditional fair faire.
Ummm, a sloppy joe made with krispy kreme buns!?? Heart attack waiting to happen.

Don’t get me wrong – I definitely indulge in my share of fried fair food, but since I am a superpass holder, I need to limit my consumption. Do I need to remind you of fair body?

Back to the anniversary weekend…husband and I celebrated in true fashion, at the fair – and I decided to eat healthy fair food.


(caveat: this photo is from 2012 fair)

I started my first course with a beef kabob
It was delicious! So good. I would for sure get it again. I didn’t eat the pita bread that came with it, wanted to save the cals. Plus – who likes pita with no tzatziki?? Not this girl.

What sounded good next…


YES! Nothing tastes better than sweet corn on the cob. Save the cals and skip the butter and parm. The corn is tasty enough on its own.

Time for dessert, and in my opinion, the hardest part of the fair to say no to. Of course my mouth was watering for the works funnel cake. The works come with powdered sugar, Bavarian cream, strawberries, chocolate chips and whipped cream. So delicious!!! (sorry – don’t have a pic)

My second choice would have been cotton candy. I love it – anyway I can get it.
Cotton Candy

But – keeping with the healthy fair food kick I stuck with the shave ice. Still good but not deep fried.

shave ice

I will for sure be back to the fair for at least one more visit. No saying what I will order, but at least I know there are semi-healthy options waiting for me! My FBB would be proud. Have you been to the fair this summer? What did you eat?


TBIK 7.26.13

TBIK!!! Can you believe it’s almost August!!?? Blowing my mind – time is going by so fast.

Today while I am at work – admiring my tribal print jeans

 Megan TBIK 72613

Aubrey is living it up in Chicago for a bachelorette drinking a mimosa – jealous!

Aubrey TBIK 72613

Wish I was there with you Aubs!!!

Have a happy Friday everyone!


TBIK 7.12.13

TBIK everyone!!!

Yay!! It feels so good to say TBIK!! I am so happy Aubrey and I are blogging again. Aubrey sent me her TBIK photo with a chick instead of a Buddha (because she couldn’t find a Buddha)
TBIK 7.12.13 Aubrey

So, I thought I would do the same. Here I am with my chick!

TBIK 7.12.13 Megan

(don’t mind my wet hair. It’s still early over here!)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Catch Up With Aubrey

Catch Up With Aubrey…

It is so good to hear from Megan isn’t it!? I am so happy we are posting again. We are aiming for at least once per month in order to share all the exciting things that are happening in life so we don’t lose touch. So let’s do this!

Moved back to Kansas City, MO (no there’s no beach, but it’s not all bad). I live on the plaza (1st image) which is full of bars and restaurants and my backyard is the nearby park (2nd image). It gives me the urban feel yet there is plenty fountains, parks etc. to enjoy.



Started a new career in Market Research at a hip company in downtown Kansas City. (See picture below for our rooftop view of the skyline.) I’m on the international team and get to work with over 50 countries!


My brother got married!  He is now the husband to Abby Peeke. Here they are (with me!) on the party bus before the reception.

bro wedding

Started hanging out with this guy. They say time flies when you’re having fun and it’s so true. Some of our dates have included… eating duck tongue tacos (at a tapas place on our first date!), grooving to the XX in concert, ice skating, mini trips to Oklahoma – Tulsa and Grand Lake.

this guy lake

Took weekend trips to Chicago, Tulsa, Grand Lake and Omaha. Here is sister Paige and I in Chicago accross from Uncle Gary’s bachelor pad.  We had so much fun going to concerts, drinking beer and catching a Cubs game.


And most importantly, get to spend my life within minutes of my precious family!  Here, in my parents backyard, is Alex, my dad, Abby and brother Thomas. We try to get together as a group for Sunday night dinners.



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