TBIK 9.27 – Happy Early Birthday Aubrey!

TBIK!!!! Here is a selfie of me and Buddha today – we are wishing Aubrey a HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!

 TBIK 9.27

And here is Aubrey! Looks like her office decorated her workspace for her birthday.

Aubs 9.27

And also looks like she started the celebrating early.

Aubs TBIK 9.27

Go Aubs!

Happy early birthday! I hope your day is filled with happiness and that all of your wildest dreams come true. Miss you!



Digital Get Down

Ok – I know what you’re thinking. 2 posts in one week? Wow! Go Megan. But this one was just handed to me.

This morning, after #1 reader and I finished a vigorous 4.5 mile, 5 am walk, she brought me in her house to teach me how to feed her cat. Then, she brought me to her laptop and told me to be prepared to be amazed. Boy was she right.

She busted out a video from our senior year in high school! Her Dad complied a bunch of old VHS’s onto a DVD for her. History lesson: it was tradition at my high school for the varsity field hockey team to do a dance at a pep rally and shed at least one piece of clothing. Back to the goods…turns out it was just my luck…looks like my Mom was the filmer because 90% of the video is OF ME!!!!
Anyways – in the words of #1 reader – prepare to be amazed


 Does the mixed tape soundtrack date us? I mean – you can’t put together a dance without using the latest hits. Digital Get Down by N’Sync? Amazing. Obviously my friends and I choreographed the dance…we put ourselves front and center. Oh ya, don’t be distracted by my platform tennis shoes…I swear those were cool once. Right?


It’s (almost) Fall Y’all!

Wow – we really suck at posting…so much for the once a month, right Aubrey?


Well, I’m posting today to show you some of my new Fall decor. Of course I had to make a new fall banner.

I used a technique similar to my Christmas Banner – but with a few changes (aka new shape). Husband photographed all the steps so I could do a wonderful DIY tutorial, but then he promptly deleted all the photos before he sent them to me! Grrrrr. But oh well. Check out this beauty.

Happy Fall

The whole banner says “Happy Fall” complete with a fake fall leaf as the word separator. And, because overkill is my middle name, I felt the need to line my banner with this cute orange chevron leftover from my nuptials.

Chevron lining

(wow – these iphone photos are super terrible. Can you tell I still have the regular 4?)

And because no fall banner is complete without a matching burlap pillow, here is mine:

Matching Pillow

And duh, the other side is the orange chevron.

Matching Lining

Hope you like it!

Here are the steps (without pics) to make your own:

1. cut your burlap to the desired shape

2. Paint your letters with regular old craft paint

3. Allow paint to dry (very important…)

4. Sew lining on each burlap piece with straight stitch

5. Trim edges

6. Sew on a piece of jute using your zig zag stitch in a contrasting color

7. Enjoy!

Are you making any Fall crafts?


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