TBIK 7.26.13

TBIK!!! Can you believe it’s almost August!!?? Blowing my mind – time is going by so fast.

Today while I am at work – admiring my tribal print jeans

 Megan TBIK 72613

Aubrey is living it up in Chicago for a bachelorette drinking a mimosa – jealous!

Aubrey TBIK 72613

Wish I was there with you Aubs!!!

Have a happy Friday everyone!



TBIK 7.12.13

TBIK everyone!!!

Yay!! It feels so good to say TBIK!! I am so happy Aubrey and I are blogging again. Aubrey sent me her TBIK photo with a chick instead of a Buddha (because she couldn’t find a Buddha)
TBIK 7.12.13 Aubrey

So, I thought I would do the same. Here I am with my chick!

TBIK 7.12.13 Megan

(don’t mind my wet hair. It’s still early over here!)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Catch Up With Aubrey

Catch Up With Aubrey…

It is so good to hear from Megan isn’t it!? I am so happy we are posting again. We are aiming for at least once per month in order to share all the exciting things that are happening in life so we don’t lose touch. So let’s do this!

Moved back to Kansas City, MO (no there’s no beach, but it’s not all bad). I live on the plaza (1st image) which is full of bars and restaurants and my backyard is the nearby park (2nd image). It gives me the urban feel yet there is plenty fountains, parks etc. to enjoy.



Started a new career in Market Research at a hip company in downtown Kansas City. (See picture below for our rooftop view of the skyline.) I’m on the international team and get to work with over 50 countries!


My brother got married!  He is now the husband to Abby Peeke. Here they are (with me!) on the party bus before the reception.

bro wedding

Started hanging out with this guy. They say time flies when you’re having fun and it’s so true. Some of our dates have included… eating duck tongue tacos (at a tapas place on our first date!), grooving to the XX in concert, ice skating, mini trips to Oklahoma – Tulsa and Grand Lake.

this guy lake

Took weekend trips to Chicago, Tulsa, Grand Lake and Omaha. Here is sister Paige and I in Chicago accross from Uncle Gary’s bachelor pad.  We had so much fun going to concerts, drinking beer and catching a Cubs game.


And most importantly, get to spend my life within minutes of my precious family!  Here, in my parents backyard, is Alex, my dad, Abby and brother Thomas. We try to get together as a group for Sunday night dinners.



Catch Up With Megan

Catch up with Megan…

Ok, so I admit it. Having a blog with your friend isn’t nearly as fun as having your friend with you. I miss Aubrey! So much that I stopped blogging. But – Aubrey and I decided today to start blogging again! Yay!!!

So for this post I will be running through a catch up of the past few months. Ready. Set. Go!

Went to Seattle to meet my cousin’s new sweet baby Alora (Allie for short)

Went snowboarding

Learned how to shoot a gun

Got a new God-child named Astro
(as you can see I only feed him the best – he LOVES watermelon)

Got a new T.V.
New TV
(Astro is modeling so you can get an idea of the size. And please don’t mind the mantle, that is a project that will hopefully come soon)

Lost my favorite person in the world – my dear, sweet gramps, Ozzy.

My clothes dryer caught on fire and we had to call the Newport Beach Fire Department to put it out.
(sorry for the terrible picture – I was slightly panicked, but had to document)

Had the best cotton candy of my life
Cotton Candy
3 feet of pure heaven

My #1 reader got ENGAGED!!!

Another friend got a puppy! Little Wally the labradoodle

I survived extreme heat in Palm Springs with Husband
Extreme Heat

I re-finished a campaign dresser! It looks amazing. But, since I wasn’t blogging, I didn’t take step-by-step pictures (or any pictures at all).  You will just have to take my word for it, but it looks exactly like this now:

campaign dresser

(please note, this is not my picture. But you can buy this campaign dresser  here)

Well, that about sums it up. Aubrey, your turn! I know you have much more exciting things to talk about then I do. Can’t wait to find out! Miss you!!!!


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