Custom Pinata? Yes please!

Hellooo! Long time no blog – well, let’s get down to business! Do you wish you knew how to make this awesome custom piñata?
Custom Pinata
I’m gonna tell you!!

What you will need:
Yard stick
Exactor knife
Tissue paper
LOTS of glue sticks

Step 1:
Pick your letter. We picked “E” because we were making this for Elizabeth’s birthday party.

Step 2:
Draw your letter on your cardboard and start cutting. We free-handed, but measured to make sure our E was proportional.
cut cardboard

Step 3:
Trace your letter on more cardboard and cut out its twin
2 E's

Step 4:
Here comes the tedious part. Start cutting out little bits to make the sides. Our sides were 2” wide
cut little pieces

Step 5:
Tape, tape and more tape
Tape it up

Step 6:
Once you are done taping, you should have your letter!
we have an e

Step 7:
Cutting the fringe: keeping your tissue paper in the bundle it came in, cut 2 inch strips.
Tissue paper cuts
And then fringe them.

Step 8:
Cover the bottom of your piñata with tissue paper (we didn’t think of this and had to do it last, but it would have been much easier doing it first)

Step 9:
Start layering your fringe! Starting at the bottom of the piñata, glue 1 strip of fringed tissue paper at a time, working your way up.
And keep layering…
And layering…
Until you are almost to the top.

Step 10:
Make a loop so you can hang your piñata

make a loop

Step 11:
Finish up your tissue and give it a look over, trimming any rogue fringe.

Step 12:
Hang and enjoy!
El Fin

We chose not to fill our piñata with candy because we didn’t want all our hard work destroyed, but you could easily cut a whole on the top when you are making the loop and fill it up.

Enjoy making your own custom piñatas! Thanks for modeling Elizabeth!


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  1. Sophia

     /  January 12, 2015

    What are the measurements for the letter E because I need to make one too😘

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