Adopt-A-Family Christmas

Every Christmas, my core group of girlfriends (the same ones who had the pinterest picnic and went apple picking) and I have a bra and panty exchange. I can’t remember how many years we have been doing it, but it usually ends up with us taking a picture of everyone’s new undies hanging from a Christmas tree.
panty tree
Well, Thanksgiving rolled around (when we usually distribute names for the exchange) and Katie (see my Tajin experience post to put names to faces) had the idea of adopting a family instead of doing our panty exchange. Of course we all jumped on the adopt-a-family train and quickly said yes. (I was just a little bit sad we were not exchanging panties this year, but I quickly got over it)
The family we received was a single Mom household. She had 2 boys, age 2 and 3 and then a newborn baby girl. We all had a blast shopping for these little kids (because none of us have kids to buy for) and had a wrapping present brunch at my house to finish up the job.
Panty Brunch
Check out this stack of gifts! I hope our adopt-a-family has the best Christmas ever!

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