Apple Picking!

So a couple weeks ago, my girlfriends and I went apple picking!!!

Since I didn’t really pick in Boston, I was super eager to do the real deal here in Oak Glen, CA.

We arrived bright and early (to avoid the crowds) and decided to pick at Willowbrook Farm.

It was sooooo cute! Really small and homey.

There were chickens, a giant rabbit and my favorite thing in the whole world, a mini pony! Comet made me so happy!!!

 We I played with the mini pony, used an old fashioned pump

(Pay no attention to my Amish looking hair. It is a drying technique that gives great waves later on)

and used these long poles to pick the apples way at the top!

I ended up filling my bag in no time flat.

After we picked and paid, we headed to another orchard for some killer BBQ

(I know Aubrey, no place has better BBQ than Kansas…I’ll have to be the judge of that someday).

(check out the size of that Q!)

Of course, I had the ribs

After lunch we walked around the city of Oak Glen and most of us picked up a fresh apple pie.

I stupidly didn’t and had extreme pie envy.

It was an all-around great day and we will for sure be going back next year!


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