Watch out San Francisco!

Since tomorrow is my {shudder} birthday. My sweet husband is taking me to:

Yay! I am so excited and of course I will share all we do with you!

Side note: 100% chance of rain the entire weekend.

That’s all for now!


Burlap Banner Tutorial

With Thanksgiving officially over we can move on to the most important decorating holiday of the year! Christmas! That’s right, my house is already fully decorated, my tree has been purchased and put up and all my “holiday smelling” candles are burning away! You may remember my Halloween Banner, well, since I didn’t really do a full tutorial, I decided to do one for my Christmas Banner!



Backing fabric (I picked a cute red and white striped material I found in my fabric drawer)

Paint (just regular craft paint works fine)

Paint tools (I used a sponge and a brush)

Sewing machine


Step 1:

Decide what your banner is going to say. Mine says Ho*HO*HO. So I cut out 8 burlap triangles.

Since I am lazy, I didn’t measure my triangles. I just eyeballed…hence why they are all different sizes and don’t have straight lines.

Step 2:

Cut out your fabric backs

You can conserve fabric and cut out triangles, or you can just do rectangles like I did.

Step 3:

Trace or paint on your letters

(I traced with some stencils)

And then decorate with various dots or shapes

I decided to paint Christmas trees as word spacers

But I think they kind of just look like green blobs…

Step 4:

Let your paint dry and then get ready to sew! Place the wrong sides of your fabric together and run through your machine. I used a straight stitch, but you can use a decorative stitch if you prefer.

You should end up with (8 in my case) triangles like this

Step 5:

Then cut each triangle out and lay them in the order you want them to be on your banner.

Take your jute

(I used this one)

And place it against the back of your completed triangle. Change your machine to a zig zag stitch and run it through.

I just kept adding the triangles until my banner was complete.


Now, I have to warn you. If you want your banner to look perfect and straight, I would recommend measuring and pinning. But alas, I am always in too big of a rush to do that, so this is how I role.

Also, in a perfect world, I would have a beautiful mantle/fireplace to hang the banner from…AND, I would have thought about my stockings covering the banner…it may find a new home. Oh well. Happy sewing!


Turkey Pillow Tutorial

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? Well, in the spirit of one of the greatest Holiday’s of the year, here is a Tutorial for an adorable bit of Thanksgiving decoration.

I am going to turn it over to one of my very best friends, Katie, to walk you through the Turkey Pillow making process.

(aren’t we cute! That is me and Katie last year in Chicago – remember her Santa Barbara bachelorette party?)

Without further adieu, here’s Katie!

“My mom had taken some photos of a pillow with a felt owl on it, and we both thought it was adorable. However, we wanted to do something fall-related, so we thought, why not a turkey!

We looked around the internet for some inspiration. There were some cute felt turkeys, so we used elements of the ones we liked. We liked the multi-colored tail but made it much, much bigger. We also liked the look of the blanket stitching around the edges, so we did that too.

(all images via google search)

                      We went to Joanne’s and bought some colorful felt. We already had everything else we needed: embroidery floss, small black beads for eyes, sharp scissors, and burlap for the pillowcase.

We drew a pattern for our turkey and cut it out, pinned it to the felt, and assembled all our pieces. We decided to hand-sew the turkey, so it took quite a bit of time.

 For the turkey body, we cut out two pieces, sewed on the faces, stitched most of them together, then stuffed them a little bit and finished the stitching. Then it was just a matter of sewing each layer of the tail onto the body. We used a blanket stitch in the color of the following layer on the edges.

  Then we cut our burlap (yay, another use for it!), and made our pillowcases. I decided to hand-sew my turkey on after I made the pillowcase so he wouldn’t get hurt. And voila! Turkey pillow!”

Isn’t that just the cutest! I can’t wait to make one. Thanks Katie! Happy Turkey Making everyone!


TBIK 11.9.12


I seriously can’t believe it is already the second week of November! Turkey Day is right around the corner!

While I am spending my Friday working and hanging out with my Buddha,

Aubrey is spending the day working out and picking out fabric for her new apartment!

Hummm…what to get?

Umm..Aubrey, I love that you are working out in your Bridal Entourage shirt (ya, that was from my bachelorette party)! Way to keep it real girlfriend! Miss you!


Apple Picking!

So a couple weeks ago, my girlfriends and I went apple picking!!!

Since I didn’t really pick in Boston, I was super eager to do the real deal here in Oak Glen, CA.

We arrived bright and early (to avoid the crowds) and decided to pick at Willowbrook Farm.

It was sooooo cute! Really small and homey.

There were chickens, a giant rabbit and my favorite thing in the whole world, a mini pony! Comet made me so happy!!!

 We I played with the mini pony, used an old fashioned pump

(Pay no attention to my Amish looking hair. It is a drying technique that gives great waves later on)

and used these long poles to pick the apples way at the top!

I ended up filling my bag in no time flat.

After we picked and paid, we headed to another orchard for some killer BBQ

(I know Aubrey, no place has better BBQ than Kansas…I’ll have to be the judge of that someday).

(check out the size of that Q!)

Of course, I had the ribs

After lunch we walked around the city of Oak Glen and most of us picked up a fresh apple pie.

I stupidly didn’t and had extreme pie envy.

It was an all-around great day and we will for sure be going back next year!


TBIK 11.2.12

TBIK Everyone! Boy am I glad it’s Friday. LONG WEEK!

Well, here I am with my Buddha.

Buddha is happily sitting on my knee.

Aubrey has an interview today (wish her luck)

Doesn’t she look smart! I know you’re gonna nail it Aubrey!

She has no Buddha in her TBIK picture, but she does have some leftover Halloween candy!!

mmm….give me that butterfinger!

Happy Friday Everyone!


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