TBIK 10.26.12 and the Photo Kissy Face


Aubrey can’t find her Buddha so she is using weird jazz figure instead.

Hi from Kansas!!

Topic of today’s post is the photo kissy face (also known as blue steel).

Is this a good look? I think not (but looks good on  you Aubs!)

Why do girls do the kissy face? It makes your lips look wrinkly, your cheeks look hollow and pretty much just makes you look silly. That said, I have been known to fall victim to the “this will look so good in a photo” kissy face.

Now this just isn’t sexy. It’s sad really.

But, I do not take 100% of the blame. Every time I pull the kissy face, I happen to also be over indulging in adult beverages.

Notice the death grip on my drink?

Again, kissy face while drinking…

And lastly, I’ve even been known to pull the kissy face while dancing.

Now, on a lighter note (or darker – depending on  how you feel about tattoos). Aubrey decided to get a sleeve. I understand that she is going through some big life changes, but please. Aubrey!


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