Extreme Left Toe Pain

Remember Operation Super Hot Bod? Well, I did pretty well trying to get in shape for my wedding. I didn’t hit my “ideal” weight, but I got down to where I felt OK as a bride.

(I would have preferred a more toned arm)

Anyways, speed up a few months and I am back to my chunky old self. My FBB and I realized that our bodies just naturally tend to round up a little when we aren’t on our extreme fitness schedules. However, we have vowed to never let ourselves go, so back to Equinox for us!

 Bad news is, that since I have been back at the gym, I have been having some foot pain. Specifically pain in my left big toe region. Thanks to an episode of King of the Hill, my mind went immediately to gout. Gross! Gout!? How could this not yet 30 girl get gout? Could it be that she loves to pig out on beef, wine and candy? YUCK!

 After excessive google-ing, webmd-ing and questioning of every person I know, I came to the conclusion that I do not have gout. That conclusion was backed up by a doctor. I never had gout (thank goodness!). But, he said I either have an injured tendon or early arthritis! How depressing! Early arthritis?? I sure hope not. Either way, I chose acupuncture as my plan of action.

Check me out:

(this was my second session. I was too chicken to take a picture or even look at my foot during my first session)

It doesn’t really hurt, but it does take a long time. You have to “rest” for around an hour after the needles are inserted. I hope it works! I’ll keep you posted. Aubrey, I wish you were here so I could show you my acupuncture holes!


PS: if you were wondering, my toe nail color is “Espresso Your Style” by OPI 🙂

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