Halloween “BOO” Pillows

I got the crafting bug, and I got it bad.

Ever since I made my Halloween Banner, I have been dying to do some more Halloween projects. Luckily, my #1 reader, Elizabeth has the crafting bug too.

She was in the mood to make a fall wreath. Since I just made my fall wreath last year and still love it, I decided to use the same technique I used for the Halloween Banner  and bust out some Boo pillows. I searched in my bottomless fabric pit and pulled out some fabric for the pillows. Hey, since I was making one for myself, I thought I would make one for Elizabeth too. While I was in painting and sewing land, Elizabeth was sprawled out on my dirty carpet in burlap land. Her wreath required TONS of little burlap strips, all tied around her wreath form.

I forgot to take action pictures of my pillow making, but here is a picture of me riding a piñata, just for fun.

Here is my boo pillow!

And here is Elizabeth’s

The front is white with a hand-painted “BOO” on leftover burlap. I frayed the edges. The back is done envelope style (for easy off and on access) in a tan color, also from the fabric pit.

And here is Elizabeth’s fall wreath! How cute! The orange chevron fabric was actually from my wedding! So glad it got to be re-used.

 Happy Monday Everyone!

The crafting bug is still here, so who knows what we’ll be crafting next, Elizabeth already sent me a pic of some Christmas fabric she happened to come across this weekend…stay tuned 🙂


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