TBIK, Happy Birthday and Goodbye


(Fact: Aubrey had the honor of meeting – totally randomly – the originator of TBIK, Mr. Bob Burger, this week! So wonderful to see him. He is seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met.)

Today is a very special TBIK. Not only is it Kinyobe, but it is also Aubrey’s Birthday!

While we are so happy to be celebrating her big day, it is a bittersweet happiness; because tomorrow, bright and early, Aubrey is driving back to Kansas. Forever.

Since today is her last day of work, and she obviously won’t be playing on our office softball team again, we retired her jersey.

I am sad.

Aubrey is sad.

We will miss each other, but I know we will remain friends forever. We will continue to blog from different states. I will write from California, and Aubrey from Kansas. We will remember each other always and remain friends forever.

(sweet California and Kansas necklaces by Kris Nation)

I love you Aubrey! I sure am going to miss you. I hope you  have the greatest birthday ever and I can’t wait to come visit you in Kansas!


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