TBIK 9.21.12 and Being Fancy


This is our second to last TBIK (insert sad moaning and wailing here)

BUT, that said – Aubrey and I continue to have fun together. Take for example last night. We were busy being fancy.

We spent the evening at the stunning Pelican Hill. And I mean stunning! Look at this view!

(yes, that’s a golf course overlooking the Pacific Ocean)

And I am dying to take a dip in that pool!

We drank fancy wine

Ate fancy dessert

Looked at fancy flower arrangements

(by the same florist who happened to do my wedding! – shout out to Betti Bliss!)

And even used the fancy bathroom

It was an all-around great night.

Aubrey and I parted ways…she headed to Malone’s; a trendy watering hole in Santa Ana to watch the epic Lobo Ingognito!

(I don’t have her staying up late abilities, so I headed home)

I walked in the door, and saw this:


Looks like this night got even better! Husband was already sleeping, but I woke him up to say thank you and we proceeded to have a late night carpet picnic. We couldn’t let those cupcakes go to waste! I was wide awake from all the sugar I ingested so I checked the DVR. Glee episode #2 was saved! Yay!!! The perfect night concluded with a Britney/Justin mash up…AMAZEBALLS!

Happy Friday everyone!


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