TBIK, Happy Birthday and Goodbye


(Fact: Aubrey had the honor of meeting – totally randomly – the originator of TBIK, Mr. Bob Burger, this week! So wonderful to see him. He is seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met.)

Today is a very special TBIK. Not only is it Kinyobe, but it is also Aubrey’s Birthday!

While we are so happy to be celebrating her big day, it is a bittersweet happiness; because tomorrow, bright and early, Aubrey is driving back to Kansas. Forever.

Since today is her last day of work, and she obviously won’t be playing on our office softball team again, we retired her jersey.

I am sad.

Aubrey is sad.

We will miss each other, but I know we will remain friends forever. We will continue to blog from different states. I will write from California, and Aubrey from Kansas. We will remember each other always and remain friends forever.

(sweet California and Kansas necklaces by Kris Nation)

I love you Aubrey! I sure am going to miss you. I hope you  have the greatest birthday ever and I can’t wait to come visit you in Kansas!



DIY Striped Curtains

My living room has been sort of an “un-designed” space. We are slowly accumulating furniture you actually want to sit on, but still have lots of hand-me-down pieces. So, in the spirit of changing my “un-designed” room to a “designed” room, I wanted to start with some curtains.

 I have been eying these bold striped curtains all over pinterest, and of course, like my Horse Art, can’t afford to buy them.


So…Duh da duh! (trumpets trumping) I made them!

 I started with plain white $24.99 curtains from Ikea.

Laid them down on my dirty carpet and ironed out most of the wrinkles.

Then I measured out my stripes. I wanted big thick stripes, so I made them 13” wide. I used plain blue painters tape and pressed down super hard to seal the edges (or so I thought…)

I laid trash bags down on my dirty carpet under the curtains in case the paint bled through. Then I started painting. I just picked up some generic black paint from Michaels. I really had NO clue what kind to use but it looks like this:

(I found the paint in the craft paint section. Very bottom…it had an apple on it and it took 2 large jars of it to cover the 2 panels)

And started rolling. I used a cheap foam (tiny) roller also from Michaels. The painting was taking FOREVER, so I just started dumping paint on there and rolling it out. That sure sped things up. I did one really thick coat and then pulled up the tape while it was still wet.

Looks pretty good! I touched up some thinner spots and cringed at some of my mistakes.


Whoops again

You can’t really see the mistakes when they are hanging up.

Now I just need to hem them!


Another Movie Date Night

Aubrey’s final week is here!

Once again, so sad. We are squeezing in all the “dates” that we can. Our latest date was a trip to the movies. We saw Finding Nemo 3D.

Who doesn’t love this movie??!! We sure do! We invited our #1 reader, Elizabeth, to join us.

Ya, we are weird.

(sorry for the grainy photos. iPhone + self portrait + darkness = no bueno foto)

Anyways, we had a wonderful time. We laughed, cried (not really), fed each other popcorn

And soda

And cherished the few precious moments we have left together.

 Love you Aubrey!


TBIK 9.21.12 and Being Fancy


This is our second to last TBIK (insert sad moaning and wailing here)

BUT, that said – Aubrey and I continue to have fun together. Take for example last night. We were busy being fancy.

We spent the evening at the stunning Pelican Hill. And I mean stunning! Look at this view!

(yes, that’s a golf course overlooking the Pacific Ocean)

And I am dying to take a dip in that pool!

We drank fancy wine

Ate fancy dessert

Looked at fancy flower arrangements

(by the same florist who happened to do my wedding! – shout out to Betti Bliss!)

And even used the fancy bathroom

It was an all-around great night.

Aubrey and I parted ways…she headed to Malone’s; a trendy watering hole in Santa Ana to watch the epic Lobo Ingognito!

(I don’t have her staying up late abilities, so I headed home)

I walked in the door, and saw this:


Looks like this night got even better! Husband was already sleeping, but I woke him up to say thank you and we proceeded to have a late night carpet picnic. We couldn’t let those cupcakes go to waste! I was wide awake from all the sugar I ingested so I checked the DVR. Glee episode #2 was saved! Yay!!! The perfect night concluded with a Britney/Justin mash up…AMAZEBALLS!

Happy Friday everyone!


Horse Art

Do you ever want things/décor/art and don’t know why? That is how I am feeling right now. I don’t LOVE horses, only ride them once every 5 or so years (when I say ride, I mean follow the leader walking along a trail) and most definitely don’t own one. That is why I can’t figure out why I am drooling over horse art right now! I mean, check out these amazing pieces from Zgallerie!




 But with prices ranging from $299-$699, these pieces of art are not in my budget. So, I decided to make my own.

I happen to have a cousin (hi Kacy!)

{Kacy’s blog}

who unlike me, LOVES horses. She loves them so much she even happens to have one (which makes my art making that much easier). I emailed her asking for a picture of her horse (I sent her the Zgallerie sample) and within minutes she emailed me back with this:


Perfect! She made my life even easier by then sending me an already photoshopped version! Timesaver!

Kacy, I love you.

Off to Staples I go! I dropped off the image (on a flashdrive) and asked for an Engineers print. $7 for a giant (they only come in black and white) print of the horse?? Perfect!!! They said the print would be ready the following day for pick up.

 I went back to pick it up and the worst thing ever happened! They had lost my flash drive! They took down my number and promised to call if they found it. They did. 3 WEEKS LATER!!!! But since they lost my flash drive, and the print of the horse, they didn’t charge me when they finally got around to printing it out. Score!

Now on to the fun part.

 I took the leftover piece of wood from my DIY headboard and centered the horse print

Then I lifted the top and bottom and glued it to the wood using spray mount.

Here it is! I like the wrinkles/bubbles, but those can be avoided by very careful gluing.


Next I drug the super heavy wood piece outside to give it a good coat of stain. I stained right over the picture because it wanted it to look vintagish.

While the stain was wet I dabbed it with a dry rag to create a sort of painting look.


Total project cost $0.

Now I just have to find out where to hang it….my condo currently doesn’t have any free wall space that can accommodate this giant horse head (it’s way bigger than I thought it was going to be) so it  is just leaning up against a wall in the guest room. I’ll let you know where it ends up 🙂


TBIK 9.14.12 – UPDATE!!!!


OK –  so now on to the update/announcement.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce this. Aubrey is leaving me. She is moving back to Kansas and I am beyond devastated. Who will I sit next to at work? Who will I have lunch with every day? Who will I take stupid TBIK pictures with? That’s right. No one. Ok. Enough of my sob story. I just wanted to let you know the news…this is how I really feel on this TBIK:

This will be one of our last TBIK posts as a “work couple.” Aubrey and I are going to have as much fun as possible up until the day she leaves (which coincidentally is her birthday!!).

 We started our fun last night with a date to dinner and a movie. Aubrey enjoyed herself, I was feeling a little sad…

Aubrey – I am so sad to see you go, but I know you miss Kansas. I can’t wait to come visit!


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