DIY Headboard

I’ll admit it, we prematurely came back. Boy it has been busy around here! But good news! I have a real post! So a few months ago I ordered a bunch of random fabric. I seem to have this problem. I LOVE fabric and tend to hoard it. I buy it without really knowing what I am going to do with it. (Beware of dark iphone photos)

 So, Saturday morning rolls around…it’s cloudy and muggy and not great beach weather so husband and I decide we want to do some home improvement. I pull out my box of fabric. Why in the world did I order 5 yards of navy and white chevron?? What am I ever going to do with this?? Then it hits me! Our sad and bare, leave it until last to decorate, guest room is in serious need of a headboard!

The bed is just a handed down double frame and mattress where we threw miscellaneous pillows and bedding. I did some quick measuring and we were off.

Home Depot Shopping List:


Spray Mount

Staple gun (yes, we didn’t have one…can you believe it?!)

Staple gun staples

Isn’t it great that Home Depot will cut your wood for you? We got a 4’x8’ piece of ¾” thick plywood for $29.00. It was really solid, we could have used a thinner wood, but we live by the beach and everything warps. We had good ole’ Dave (wonderful Home Depot employee) cut it to 54” wide. Leaving us with a 48” x 54” giant piece and a nice piece of scrap for another project.

Next stop, Joann’s. I usually only head to Joann’s when I am desperate. I have been spoiled with Downtown LA Fabric District prices and have a minor heart attack whenever I see Joann prices. Well, this was one of those desperate moments. Thank goodness for the app! I made sure to load up my 50% coupon (however, it didn’t stop me from experiencing heart palpitations over the price of foam).

Joann’s Shopping List:

2” Hi Density Foam (the green stuff)

Standard batting

OMG – the foam was $32 a yard!!! They came in pre-cut 2.5 yard pieces. $80 for foam? Ugh. Again, thank goodness for the coupon. The batting was $7.99 a yard and I picked up 2 yards of that. I ended up leaving for around $60.

Here we go!

First thing I did was place the board against the bed frame and traced where we would need to attach it to the frame. Then I made a line where the top of the mattress came to so I knew how far down to put the foam and batting.

Next step, lay the board down and start cutting your foam down to size (make sure you have more room than I did). I just used an exacto knife and it seemed to work fine.

Then lift each piece of foam up and spray the board with spray mount and put the foam back down.

With the foam stuck in place, I called in Husband with his trusty drill and had him make holes in the plywood to attach the headboard to the bed frame.

Now, lay your batting over the top.

I stapled my batting down on the front of the board right under where the foam ended, folded it back and sprayed the green foam with spray mount.

Then, I flipped the entire headboard over and started stapling with my shiny new staple gun!

Make sure to pull your corners tight!

After all my stapling I trimmed up the back.

Now time for the fabric! I had just planned on stapling the fabric over the headboard for a nice tight look, but as I pulled the fabric out of my fabric cache I realized it was too short!!! OH NO! I needed about 2 additional inches to cover my headboard (width). Could this be any more annoying? Of course I didn’t measure my fabric beforehand….who does that? Haha.

Well, I had gotten this far and was determined this guest room would have a headboard so I did what any other DIYer would do. I pulled out my trusty sewing machine and made the best of a bad situation. I mean, I have 5 yards of this fabric, why not make a slipcover type top and just ignore the white bit of the fabric you are not supposed to use (no clue what the technical term is). I just folded the fabric in half (right side in) and then sewed up both sides.

About 2 minutes later I slipped the cover over the headboard and voila!

It fits! It does have this on the sides:

But who cares – I sure don’t. I stapled the fabric down on the front of the headboard only. The rest just floats there. We attached the headboard and here it is!

The yellow pillows really don’t go anymore so I’ve relocated 1 to our bedroom and will be donating 2 to a friend. Since I had the sewing machine out, I decide to dig into the fabric hole and make some new pillows for the guest room to match the new headboard. Here they are!

The room is nowhere near done, but I think it looks way better than before! Next up, art above the bed. Hope you enjoyed!



We’re Back!

I was a little eager and posted our TBIK photo just a few minutes ago. Megan is leaving me for Vegas and won’t be in the office tomorrow so we’ll post this one early.  We have missed you all (especially Elizabeth)!!! We have so much to catch up on including Megan’s wedding, recipe how to’s, trips etc. so look out because there is more to come next week.



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