TBIK 6.15.12 – Getting Our Om On


Today we are feeling one with Buddha and practicing our Om.

Om or  aum – as descriped by Wikipedia – (written universally as ॐ; in Devanagari as ओं oṃ [õː], औं auṃ [ə̃ũ], or ओम् om [õːm]) is a mystical sound of Sanskrit origin, sacred and important in various Dharmic religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The syllable is also referred to as omkara (ओंकार oṃkāra) or aumkara (औंकार auṃkāra), literally “om syllable”, and in Sanskrit it is sometimes referred to as प्रणव (praṇava), literally “that which is sounded out loudly”.

Have you ever Omed? I did for the first time in yoga on Wednesday. It was definitely different than I expected. I always though oming was a quiet peaceful thing, but real oms are quit loud (I would have known this if I had read the Wikipedia page).

Random: Aubrey and I saw Snow White and The Huntsman last night. The Huntsman is such a babe! And I’m sorry, but there is no way Kristen Stewart is fairer than Charlize Theron. Just sayin.


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