TBIK 6.8.12


I have been so busy today I haven’t had time to take a TBIK photo! Well, I will just share this instead (since Aubrey decided to go to Kansas again this weekend)

Now, back to Santa Barbara. After we finished up with Shoestring, we hopped back into the limo jeep

And headed into Solvang to pick up the lunch that Sandy (Dee’s boyfriend) had ordered for us.

Remember this from the movie Sideways?

Anyways, after that short detour we were on the road again, but after a few minutes Dee pulled over to the side of the road. She said, “do you girls like strawberries?” Of course we like strawberries (they are only one of my favorite foods). She said we have to try Rosie’s berries

So she hopped out of the limo jeep and bought some for us. We were so excited because not only did she bring us the most delicious and gigantic strawberries

But she also brought back blackberries!

Thanks for the berries Rosie and Dee!

Next stop, olive oil tasting! But not before we drove through a mini horse farm/rescue.

Then a mini donkey sanctuary.

Have you ever seen anything so cute!? Look at the baby mini donkey!!

They also had a full size Zonkey there (cross between a donkey and a zebra).

When we finally arrived to the olive oil tasting we were definitely ready for a snack. All traces of my hangover nausea were gone and I was ready to pig out.

How cute is this sign? I especially love that it says goodness because that is what my yoga instructor calls the “meat” on her calves.

They took us around back to this little table. Check out this set up!

We each got a little roll and a paint platter type sampling dish

YUM!! I had never tasted fresh/good olive oil before! What a difference it makes. They paired each oil with a vinegar and I could have kept eating for days

(See, I didn’t even want to put down my bread)

Of course all the olive oil and vinegar were available for purchase, but I didn’t buy any. Good olive oil is expensive!

Ok, well that is all I have for now. Tune in on Monday for my review of Winery #2.


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