Winery #1: Shoestring

So we all remember how I looked and felt after our big Club Stylin’ night out…I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep in (I woke up at 5:30) all I could do was moan and drink water. I even felt too sick to drink my coffee! Yikes! Well, as I was dying from the inside out on Saturday morning (after 3.5 hrs of sleep) all I could think of was how do I tell Katie that I am too hung over to go wine tasting?? Answer: I don’t tell her. I had to pull myself together; did what any trooper would do, and got in the shower. The warm spray totally made me feel better! I couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair ‘cause let’s be honest…that would require me to flip my head over to dry it. No bueno. Then, do I hear angels? Lauren came to the rescue! She brought diet coke! My saving grace! Yippee! I filled my handcrafted puffy painted cup up and was ready to hit the road…it THIS (look closely and you can see my d. coke filled cup)

Have you ever seen anything so glorious? I haven’t. I found this magnificent red limo jeep on  yelp. I simply searched “wine tasting tour, Santa Barbara” and looked for the tour with the highest rating. Winner: Dee Tours (the rating was totally accurate by-the-way, let me just say that Dee is the most amazing tour guide ever! You can read my Yelp review here)

Ready to go! We hit the road on our way to our first winery. But not before Dee showed us some of the Santa Barbara sites on the way there.

We drove past the Santa Barbara Mission

A giant whale skeleton

And sped past an Ostrich farm

Dee said we could stop and feed them, but ewww. We didn’t feel like getting our hands pecked at by giant birds.

And then, about 1 hour later, we arrived at Winery #1: Shoestring!

Isn’t it adorable?

We are ready for our very first tasting of the day (well, I wasn’t ready, the thought of wine made me want to barf all over)

We were seated outside in the wonderful warm San Ynez sun and eagerly awaiting (everyone except me) our first pour.

Then, to my surprise, our wine pouring person (I am sure they have a title, I just don’t know it) came out and was a total babe! Yea Spencer! Whoot Whoot (sorry future husband, if you are reading this, you are way hotter)

He poured our first taste and handed out the tasting list

(please excuse my terrible photos, complete with iphone shadow. I am not, and will never be a good photographer)


I was able to sample each wine, but after a tiny sample, was secretly dumping it in the grass behind me and faking that I finished it off.

See me faking? You can also see my “dump grass” behind me.

Then, after we sampled the 6 wines, something amazing happened to me. I started to feel better! Hallelujah! No more wine wasting for me! I am back on my A game and ready to hit Winery #2. Goodbye Shoestring (and Spencer), we loved you.


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