Club Stylin’!

Ok, so time for Santa Barbara Post #2. After arriving, decorating and hanging, we got all dolled up for dinner!

Off we go!

(I was a little scared about all the drinking that was about to come because I get killer hangovers and rarely drink, but quickly replaced that fear with excitement)

We went to dinner at this restaurant called Blush. It was so cute and had really good food. I got the burger and fries. Now I know what you are going to say, “Megan, that is not very Fat Buster friendly.” Well, I wrote this weekend off as a break. Besides, I need all that food to soak up the alcohol that is involved with a bachelorette party. AND my FBB ordered the same thing. Even steven.

Towards the end of dinner, and after 3 or 4 bottles of wine, we busted out our glow sticks to get ready for the club.

I was over-accessorizing, per usual.

Off to the club!

We hooked up our bride with bottle service at EOS, a club off State Street. Now, bottle service is SOOOOO not me, but hey, it’s a bachelorette party!

Cheers! Club Stylin’! I actually had to go out and buy a dress that would be appropriate club wear. Literally nothing in my closet would have worked.

As the night progressed we got crazier and crazier. I was looking for pics that would be appropriate to post, and I really couldn’t find any other than the 2 below:


Bitty and Mary, still classy. Me on the other hand, a hot mess.

I hadn’t planned on drinking much this night because I wanted to be in tip-top shape for our all day wine tasting excursion Saturaday, but that clearly didn’t happen. Here is a preview to what I felt/looked like on Saturday morning.

Note to self. Do not drink.

Wine tasting reviews coming next!


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