TBIK 6.15.12 – Getting Our Om On


Today we are feeling one with Buddha and practicing our Om.

Om or  aum – as descriped by Wikipedia – (written universally as ॐ; in Devanagari as ओं oṃ [õː], औं auṃ [ə̃ũ], or ओम् om [õːm]) is a mystical sound of Sanskrit origin, sacred and important in various Dharmic religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The syllable is also referred to as omkara (ओंकार oṃkāra) or aumkara (औंकार auṃkāra), literally “om syllable”, and in Sanskrit it is sometimes referred to as प्रणव (praṇava), literally “that which is sounded out loudly”.

Have you ever Omed? I did for the first time in yoga on Wednesday. It was definitely different than I expected. I always though oming was a quiet peaceful thing, but real oms are quit loud (I would have known this if I had read the Wikipedia page).

Random: Aubrey and I saw Snow White and The Huntsman last night. The Huntsman is such a babe! And I’m sorry, but there is no way Kristen Stewart is fairer than Charlize Theron. Just sayin.



Newport Beach Vineyard & Winery

Ciao amici!

Megan and I recently discovered a secret gem in Newport Beach.  We attended a Social Media workshop at the Newport Beach Vineyards & Winery (yes, there is a 3 acre winery in Newport Beach)! Being surrounded by tall, green vineyards made us feel like we were on vacation in Italy! The workshop was enlightening but it was the post workshop “mixer” that left us giddy! The winery is not open to the public but takes private appointments and holds events. Megan was quite bummed she already booked her rehearsal dinner because this would have been the perfect spot!  That’s OK though – we WILL find another excuse to go back.

Happy hump day!


TBIK 6.8.12


I have been so busy today I haven’t had time to take a TBIK photo! Well, I will just share this instead (since Aubrey decided to go to Kansas again this weekend)

Now, back to Santa Barbara. After we finished up with Shoestring, we hopped back into the limo jeep

And headed into Solvang to pick up the lunch that Sandy (Dee’s boyfriend) had ordered for us.

Remember this from the movie Sideways?

Anyways, after that short detour we were on the road again, but after a few minutes Dee pulled over to the side of the road. She said, “do you girls like strawberries?” Of course we like strawberries (they are only one of my favorite foods). She said we have to try Rosie’s berries

So she hopped out of the limo jeep and bought some for us. We were so excited because not only did she bring us the most delicious and gigantic strawberries

But she also brought back blackberries!

Thanks for the berries Rosie and Dee!

Next stop, olive oil tasting! But not before we drove through a mini horse farm/rescue.

Then a mini donkey sanctuary.

Have you ever seen anything so cute!? Look at the baby mini donkey!!

They also had a full size Zonkey there (cross between a donkey and a zebra).

When we finally arrived to the olive oil tasting we were definitely ready for a snack. All traces of my hangover nausea were gone and I was ready to pig out.

How cute is this sign? I especially love that it says goodness because that is what my yoga instructor calls the “meat” on her calves.

They took us around back to this little table. Check out this set up!

We each got a little roll and a paint platter type sampling dish

YUM!! I had never tasted fresh/good olive oil before! What a difference it makes. They paired each oil with a vinegar and I could have kept eating for days

(See, I didn’t even want to put down my bread)

Of course all the olive oil and vinegar were available for purchase, but I didn’t buy any. Good olive oil is expensive!

Ok, well that is all I have for now. Tune in on Monday for my review of Winery #2.


Winery #1: Shoestring

So we all remember how I looked and felt after our big Club Stylin’ night out…I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep in (I woke up at 5:30) all I could do was moan and drink water. I even felt too sick to drink my coffee! Yikes! Well, as I was dying from the inside out on Saturday morning (after 3.5 hrs of sleep) all I could think of was how do I tell Katie that I am too hung over to go wine tasting?? Answer: I don’t tell her. I had to pull myself together; did what any trooper would do, and got in the shower. The warm spray totally made me feel better! I couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair ‘cause let’s be honest…that would require me to flip my head over to dry it. No bueno. Then, do I hear angels? Lauren came to the rescue! She brought diet coke! My saving grace! Yippee! I filled my handcrafted puffy painted cup up and was ready to hit the road…it THIS (look closely and you can see my d. coke filled cup)

Have you ever seen anything so glorious? I haven’t. I found this magnificent red limo jeep on  yelp. I simply searched “wine tasting tour, Santa Barbara” and looked for the tour with the highest rating. Winner: Dee Tours (the rating was totally accurate by-the-way, let me just say that Dee is the most amazing tour guide ever! You can read my Yelp review here)

Ready to go! We hit the road on our way to our first winery. But not before Dee showed us some of the Santa Barbara sites on the way there.

We drove past the Santa Barbara Mission

A giant whale skeleton

And sped past an Ostrich farm

Dee said we could stop and feed them, but ewww. We didn’t feel like getting our hands pecked at by giant birds.

And then, about 1 hour later, we arrived at Winery #1: Shoestring!

Isn’t it adorable?

We are ready for our very first tasting of the day (well, I wasn’t ready, the thought of wine made me want to barf all over)

We were seated outside in the wonderful warm San Ynez sun and eagerly awaiting (everyone except me) our first pour.

Then, to my surprise, our wine pouring person (I am sure they have a title, I just don’t know it) came out and was a total babe! Yea Spencer! Whoot Whoot (sorry future husband, if you are reading this, you are way hotter)

He poured our first taste and handed out the tasting list

(please excuse my terrible photos, complete with iphone shadow. I am not, and will never be a good photographer)


I was able to sample each wine, but after a tiny sample, was secretly dumping it in the grass behind me and faking that I finished it off.

See me faking? You can also see my “dump grass” behind me.

Then, after we sampled the 6 wines, something amazing happened to me. I started to feel better! Hallelujah! No more wine wasting for me! I am back on my A game and ready to hit Winery #2. Goodbye Shoestring (and Spencer), we loved you.


Club Stylin’!

Ok, so time for Santa Barbara Post #2. After arriving, decorating and hanging, we got all dolled up for dinner!

Off we go!

(I was a little scared about all the drinking that was about to come because I get killer hangovers and rarely drink, but quickly replaced that fear with excitement)

We went to dinner at this restaurant called Blush. It was so cute and had really good food. I got the burger and fries. Now I know what you are going to say, “Megan, that is not very Fat Buster friendly.” Well, I wrote this weekend off as a break. Besides, I need all that food to soak up the alcohol that is involved with a bachelorette party. AND my FBB ordered the same thing. Even steven.

Towards the end of dinner, and after 3 or 4 bottles of wine, we busted out our glow sticks to get ready for the club.

I was over-accessorizing, per usual.

Off to the club!

We hooked up our bride with bottle service at EOS, a club off State Street. Now, bottle service is SOOOOO not me, but hey, it’s a bachelorette party!

Cheers! Club Stylin’! I actually had to go out and buy a dress that would be appropriate club wear. Literally nothing in my closet would have worked.

As the night progressed we got crazier and crazier. I was looking for pics that would be appropriate to post, and I really couldn’t find any other than the 2 below:


Bitty and Mary, still classy. Me on the other hand, a hot mess.

I hadn’t planned on drinking much this night because I wanted to be in tip-top shape for our all day wine tasting excursion Saturaday, but that clearly didn’t happen. Here is a preview to what I felt/looked like on Saturday morning.

Note to self. Do not drink.

Wine tasting reviews coming next!


Watch Out Santa Barbara! Here We COME!

Prelude: this is part 1 of a multiple post recap on Katie’s recent bachelorette party in Santa Barbara, CA.

Oh man, nothing like a weekend of no sleep and lots of drinking to make you feel old! I am having a slow Monday, but it was sooooo worth it. I have so many wonderful pictures, stories and all around awesome times to share with you that it will take at least 6 posts. So, without further adeu, let’s get on to post #1!

 It starts!


A few of us were heading up early to “prep” the house. AKA, fill it up with everything phallic we could get our hands on, so we headed out around 12:30 on Friday.

It was a beautiful drive, and with ladies like these, how could it not be?

My co-pilot/FBB made it all the way there without getting car-sick! Yay Lynner!

Party in the back seat!

Mary and Elizabeth kept it classy in the backseat all the way there.

About half way to SB, we all had to use the restroom (it was a 2.5 hr drive), so we pulled off at a gas station which Lynn claimed was “the nicest gas station bathroom in the world.”

In the world? I HAVE to see this.

Well, she was right! This gas station bathroom had granite counter tops and came complete with a hanging fake plant!

(yes, I took the picture from the toilet)

 For those of you interested, it is the Chevron right off of Los Virgenes

Back on the road for us!

(Our first glimpse of Santa Barbara)

30 minutes later and we arrived to Chez Haskell!! (the rental house we found on VRBO)

It was so cute

(don’t mind the trash bags – those were on the way out to the cans)

Check out this yard!

It was home to the cutest little bunny that wanted to hang out all weekend.

The house had 4 bedrooms

I didn’t get a shot of the master bedroom (bride’s quarters with Emily and Megan J.) that was PG enough to post on this family friendly blog, but if you kept walking down the hall, that is where you would end up. This hat shot was taken in there

Yes, I puffy painted these hats by hand and demanded the girls wear them all weekend.

Lynn and I bunked up in this room. I slept on the trundle, just like elementary school 🙂

Mary and Elizabeth cozied up in this double bed with views of the awesome pool!

I didn’t get a pic of the last bedroom, but it had bunk beds.

Anyways, when the bride finally arrived she was so excited! I mean, how could she not be? The place was packed to the brim with good eats, good drinks and a whole bunch of “adult decorations.”

So, let the weekend begin! We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging poolside.

Eating some of Elizabeth’s neighbors homemade hummus.

And getting all dressed up to hit the town…that post coming soon…


TBIK 6.01.12


Look at what we found!

We were just browsing the adult beverage section and came across this beauty. What better way to start off our TBIK then with a case of Lucky Buddha beer!? (Their website is amazing by the way)

On a similar note, I am heading off to Santa Barbara for Katie’s Bachelorette Party this afternoon! Photo journal of our trip to come next week. This will be my very first time wine tasting…excited!!!

Have a great weekend (I know I will, but of course, I will miss Aubrey) and Buddha doesn’t want us to forget…

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship”     


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