Celebrity Sighting At The Gym!

As you may know, I go to the best gym in the world. And today, my gym experience got a little bit better! On my very first day working out (a few weeks ago) I thought I saw a certain celeb working out. He walked right by us, but was just “out of touch.” I immediately told my FBB and she confirmed that is was, in fact, the celeb I thought it was. Well, ever since then we look for him while doing Megan and Lynn’s Extreme Fitness Circuit, send each other quick telepathic messages anytime he walks by us, etc.


So this morning, while my FBB slept in and ditched me, I got up bright and early and headed to Equinox. It was hard coming back from a holiday weekend, and I think most of the gym members slept in. I was literally the ONLY person on the treadmills. The ENTIRE row was open except for mine. (Insert exciting music). My fav gym celeb walked up to the cardio level, looked around, and then parked himself on the treadmill RIGHT NEXT TO ME! He could have picked any machine but oh no. He wanted to be fitness buddies with ME. We smiled, did a nonchalant head nod, and went about our working out.

He was walking at a very extreme incline. That must be how he gets his buns-o-steel!  Now I am not going to reveal the celeb (hello, privacy! Well, I did leave a little hint in my post) but I had to report this. If only to make my ditching FBB jealous that she missed this morning’s workout. 🙂


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