BBQ Pringles

Remember Pringles?

(free Jazzercise! Yes please!)

I haven’t had them in YEARS! But the other day, I saw them as I was standing in line at the drug store…mmmmm…Pringles. I had to buy them.

I got the BBQ flavor and they are soooo good. I could easily down the whole tube in one sitting. But, that does not bode well with my potential super hot body, so I have to pace myself. Today Aubrey and I had a few at lunch.

As we were crunching these delicious crispy fat wafers, we noticed the chip size. They are WAY smaller than they used to be! I swear, I could fit about 10 in my mouth at once (sad, right?)

I probably won’t be buying Pringles again for a very long time, not because they are now making smaller chips, but because they are not on the diet. But, when I typed “Pringles Commercial” in YouTube, look what came up! Vintage Brad Pitt!! Hahaha


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