Fat Test

First off, congratulations are in order! Our office softball team beat the #1 team in the league last night by 3 runs! Go us, we are still undefeated! Here we are. Lean (well, not me), mean, softball machines! (Actually, neither of us really like playing – we only do it because we have to for work)

Now on to the fat test. So, with my new gym membership came a free “fitness consultation” (aka fat test) and a personal training session. Well, I had my fat test this morning. Wow – so depressing! First they weighed me…then they took this little pinching tool and pinched/measured the fat on all the chunkiest parts of this bod! They measured my arm fat (we all know that is my bad area – eek), belly fat (they literally made me lift my shirt and grabbed my chunk!), hip fat (aka love handles) and finally thigh fat. They averaged everything out to determine your total body fat percentage…mine was 27%! So horrible. And, to make matters worse, the trainer said my 4x per week yoga classes weren’t gonna cut it! This girl needs cardio…we’ll see what happens. Oh, ya, the icing on the cake….no more sweets! MY LIFE IS OVER!!!!!!!!!! The only thing keeping me going is knowing that my FBB is right there with me. Thanks Lulu!


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