Ultra Nails

I’ve always prided myself on having nice nails. I never bite them and always have them nicely manicured. But the past few months they have been acting a fool! They have been peeling and splitting. I have had to cut them way short and haven’t been painting them−GASP!

So, I did what any smart person would do and googled it.

Solution #1 – use a special nail polish to strengthen my nails. So, I headed off to ULTA and went to my tried and true brand O.P.I.

I found Nail Envy (for sensitive & peeling nails). You are supposed to apply 2 coats and then another coat every other day for a week. Then remove and start over. I tried it for a couple of weeks. It helped, but then my nails would just peel and everything would come off, the nail and the polish. On a lighter note, Nail Envy gives your nails a beautiful shine. I may continue to use it as a top coat, but at $20/bottle I don’t know how long I can…

Solution #2 – go internal. I must have some sort of vitamin deficiency which is causing my nails to peel. I head to Mothers, straight to the vitamin department. I go right up to the clerk and say “I need your very best finger nail vitamins.” He looks at me and goes “Ultra Nails.” I grab the biggest bottle and make my way out. It was pretty expensive, but Aubrey told me that good vitamins are expensive vitamins. I’ll take her word on it.

Ultra nails are all natural and gigantic! I take two a day every day and….they work! I am amazed at the results. My nails are not back to normal, but I totally notice a difference. I have been taking Ultra Nails for about a month now and am glad to report I have had 2 manicures. So happy. Thank you Ultra Nails!

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