Biggest. Pizza. Ever.

So we had a lunch meeting at work. It was all boys and me, so obviously we ordered pizza. I’ve had my eye on the party size pizza from Pizza D’Oro (amazing place) for some time now. The website said it would feed 12-15 people, but I tend to overeat, so I figured it would be fine to order for a meeting of 6. BUT OMG, was I shocked at its size when it arrived…

Here it is in all its glory!

We ordered half meat lovers (me) and half vegetarian (boss-who isn’t even a vegetarian and who I caught sneaking meat from the meat lover side). The pizza itself was delicious! I love that they cut it in squares (I’m not a huge crust fan) and the fact that their meat lovers includes their amazing meatballs!!! 5 stars from us.

We sent our wonderful receptionist out to get it and she had to fold down all the seats in her SUV just to get it in! My meeting men barely put a dent in the pizza. We needed the rest of the office to finish it off for us. They didn’t mind 🙂

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