My Taco is a Dorito, my Dorito is a Taco.

What rhymes with Morito Baco…

If you guessed Dorito Taco you were spot on! Today Aubrey and I ventured to the ever daunting Taco Bell. I had one thing on my mind and that was the dorito taco. I LOVE doritos. I will take them any way, shape or form. Combine the nacho cheese doritos with a taco and we have ourselves a problem.

This particular TB was jammin’! Could it be the dorito taco? Pretty much everyone in line was ordering it. And here it is:

Duh da duh (that was a horn announcing the arrival of the dorito taco). It came wrapped up in a special cardboard dorito taco holder. One end was open so you could slide your dorito taco out and into your mouth without getting your fingers dusted with nacho cheese dorito goodness.

I made Aubrey pose with the taco – here she is! I also let her have a bite – she loved it 🙂 (sorry for the dark photos, didn’t take time to “alter” the pics before this post)

Now, on to the review of the dorito taco. In one word, awesome. I opted for the regular dorito taco, they also have a supreme version but I don’t like sour cream. The shell/dorito was light, flaky, cheesy, everything I would have hoped for in a dorito shell. The only downside to the shell was that it was crumblyier (is that a word?) than other taco shells, but  don’t worry. I made sure to pick up all the little bits that fell off and ate them. The insides were normal, but the flavors were intensified by the amazing shell. I can’t get enough! Sadly, this will be my one and only dorito taco. Future husband doesn’t want to be stuck with a fat future wife. Goodbye dorito taco. I love you.

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