TBIK everyone!

So we saw Hunger Games last night…and LOVED it. I have been hearing mixed reviews, but have come to this conclusion. If you have not read the book, you will love the movie. If you have read the book, you will only think it is ok. Now I am dying to read the book!

“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.”


P.S. We tried taking a Hunger Games themed TBIK photo, but there was something SO wrong about pretending to shoot sweet Buddah with a bow and arrow.


P.P.S. Shout out to the coolest lady in the world – BITTY!!


Popular Baby Names – So true!

OK check out this list, find the year you were born and tell me you didn’t know at least 5 kids in your class with these names. It’s so true!  Megan and Aubrey did not make the list – we must be “different” and cool — kind of like this picture of us.

Baby names are very intriguing to me. How do you narrow it down and pick one name to call your child the rest of their life out of the thousands of names!?  I was named after a song by Bread. See video here.  Megan wasn’t named after a song, but heck let’s track one down. Megan.

Parking Fail

I have a few words for people who are bad parkers. I guess you could say I am a little OCD about parking. I always adjust my car so that it fits perfectly in the space, rarely park in compact spaces (since I do not drive a compact car) and always avoid spaces that are too small for my car (even if they are closer to my destination). I bet you are thinking to yourself, “wow, Megan must drive a giant hummer or something.” But I do  not, I drive an average size crossover.

That said, please see below:

OMG! I could not believe this person! Would you leave your car like this in a busy parking lot? Come on, at least pull in! Just thought I would share this with you….

Please note: there is no one in the car. This person seriously parked like this!


Thank Buddah it’s Kinyobi! Also known as Happy Friday everyone! Yes, this is an early morning photo – hence the dark circles under my eyes…on a lighter note (or darker), if you noticed my amazing tropical tan you might be asking yourself “did Megan just come back from St. Thomas (or some other tropical paradise)?” Well, the answer is NO! I just got my very first airbrush tan at this wonderful place called the Wax Parlor. Christianna (the owner) did it and she was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable because, yes, I was naked.

Baking Flops

I’ve been baking as long as I can remember. My sister and I would squirm by our mom’s side fighting, deciding who would get to crack the egg or stir the ingredients together. I still love to bake but that doesn’t mean my skills have improved in the 20 odd years I’ve been doing this. It’s interesting to call oneself a baker when all we really do is follow someone else’s recipe, instruction by instruction. Then why does that recipe turn out great for one person and terribly for another?

A couple weeks back I was following a recipe I found for inside out muffins.  They look SOOOO good. BUT they turned out SOOO bad. Hah. I’ve never been a perfectionist and that’s the problem.  If I’m out of baking soda, well then the dang muffins don’t get baking soda. Even the visual – my muffin in the picture on this post is nothing like the picture in the link posted above. Image

It’s all in good fun though. Baking is something relaxing for me and the bad treats make me only enjoy and be proud of myself for the treats that turn out better. Or maybe I should just ask myself before I bake if I have the patience to follow the instructions and not overlook one step or ingredient. 🙂 Then it should turn out OK, right?  Who really knows.

To better baking!

Biggest. Pizza. Ever.

So we had a lunch meeting at work. It was all boys and me, so obviously we ordered pizza. I’ve had my eye on the party size pizza from Pizza D’Oro (amazing place) for some time now. The website said it would feed 12-15 people, but I tend to overeat, so I figured it would be fine to order for a meeting of 6. BUT OMG, was I shocked at its size when it arrived…

Here it is in all its glory!

We ordered half meat lovers (me) and half vegetarian (boss-who isn’t even a vegetarian and who I caught sneaking meat from the meat lover side). The pizza itself was delicious! I love that they cut it in squares (I’m not a huge crust fan) and the fact that their meat lovers includes their amazing meatballs!!! 5 stars from us.

We sent our wonderful receptionist out to get it and she had to fold down all the seats in her SUV just to get it in! My meeting men barely put a dent in the pizza. We needed the rest of the office to finish it off for us. They didn’t mind 🙂

My Taco is a Dorito, my Dorito is a Taco.

What rhymes with Morito Baco…

If you guessed Dorito Taco you were spot on! Today Aubrey and I ventured to the ever daunting Taco Bell. I had one thing on my mind and that was the dorito taco. I LOVE doritos. I will take them any way, shape or form. Combine the nacho cheese doritos with a taco and we have ourselves a problem.

This particular TB was jammin’! Could it be the dorito taco? Pretty much everyone in line was ordering it. And here it is:

Duh da duh (that was a horn announcing the arrival of the dorito taco). It came wrapped up in a special cardboard dorito taco holder. One end was open so you could slide your dorito taco out and into your mouth without getting your fingers dusted with nacho cheese dorito goodness.

I made Aubrey pose with the taco – here she is! I also let her have a bite – she loved it 🙂 (sorry for the dark photos, didn’t take time to “alter” the pics before this post)

Now, on to the review of the dorito taco. In one word, awesome. I opted for the regular dorito taco, they also have a supreme version but I don’t like sour cream. The shell/dorito was light, flaky, cheesy, everything I would have hoped for in a dorito shell. The only downside to the shell was that it was crumblyier (is that a word?) than other taco shells, but  don’t worry. I made sure to pick up all the little bits that fell off and ate them. The insides were normal, but the flavors were intensified by the amazing shell. I can’t get enough! Sadly, this will be my one and only dorito taco. Future husband doesn’t want to be stuck with a fat future wife. Goodbye dorito taco. I love you.

Pinterest Picnic – GIRLS NIGHT!

So my girlfriends and I are slightly obsessed with pinterest. I mean, who isn’t? We pin amazing things daily, including amazing recipes. So for monthly girls night we decided to have a pinterest picnic. We each picked a recipe we have pinned and made it. The theme of this girls night was desserts and dips. We got a little excited with the dessert aspect and only made 1 dip. It didn’t help matters that our 5th girl is currently residing in Chicago – therefore unable to attend girls night in California. So, more food for us!

Dessert #1: Better Then Sex Cake. AMAZING!!! You would think this cake heavy and rich, but it is amazingly light! I was able to eat wayyyy too much of it.

Dessert #2: S’mores Bars – OMG! This tasted soooo good! Just like a real s’more. We ate them still warm and gooey from the oven. Talk about rich. I doubled the dough recipe in order to cover all my insides, but it still tasted amazing.

Solo Dip – This to me was the highlight of the night: Jalapeno Popper Dip – I literally couldn’t stop eating this! It is so creamy and amazing. I see this being a staple at all future events. Good thing almost husband wasn’t at girls night, he would have been eating this with a spoon.

So, with all these amazing dishes, it was no surprise that me and girlfriend weren’t able to wait until all the girls arrived before diving right in…we decided to smear chocolate all over our faces and lay on the floor groaning while girlfriend #2 arrived. Pretty typical behavior for 28ish almost married ladies 🙂

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